USA Today Crossword Answers September 15, 2020

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Author: by Mark McClain


Radar image BLIP
Webpage SITE
“___ on Me” (Bill Withers song) LEAN
Palindromic mechanism ROTOR
2016 Sharon Olds poetry collection ODES
Automotive shaft AXLE
Thin-heeled shoe BALLETFLAT
Put in an overhead compartment, say STOW
Escape in the air FLYAWAY
Applies EXERTS
Part of a train CAR
___ firma (solid ground) TERRA
Puts in the oven, perhaps TOASTS
Big cat PUMA
Microdermabrasion offerer SPA
Up to the task ABLE
What cowry shells were once used as MONEY
Female bird HEN
Sauce with a poblano variety MOLE
Assumed a certain stance POSED
52-Down of power WATT
Word before “peeve” or “project” PET
In a foul mood CROSS
Periods in history ERAS
Shade of gray ASH
Sharpen HONE
With great intensity DEEPLY
Radiates EMITS
Beaver’s construction DAM
Hallowed place SHRINE
Indistinct sounds MURMURS
Take notice of HEED
Piece of paper from a colorful pad STICKYNOTE
___ Major (bear constellation) URSA
Have a chat TALK
Beans and fries, e.g. SIDES
Some body art, informally TATS
Soap foam SUDS
Fill-in from an agency TEMP


“Gimme a minute,” in an online chat BRB
Bread buy LOAF
“___ be alright in the end” ITLL
Roly-___ POLY
Up to now SOFAR
Without purpose IDLY
Brew that might be black or green TEA
Looked up to ESTEEMED
Surgical light LASER
Cheddar variety EXTRASHARP
Quite often ALOT
Anchors report it NEWS
Flinch or jump, say REACT
Past-tense ’tis TWAS
Urgent care center scan XRAY
Things to hum TUNES
Florida bay city TAMPA
Flutes’ neighbors in an orchestra OBOES
Whatever is left ALLTHEREST
“Come ___ About Me” (Supremes hit) SEE
Entourage POSSE
Flower part PETAL
Visibly impatient ANTSY
Mars has two MOONS
Rent strikes, e.g. PROTESTS
Itsy-bitsy WEE
Goatee’s place CHIN
Unlit DARK
TV awards EMMYS
King with a golden touch MIDAS
Mallards and such DUCKS
Open-and-___ SHUT
Queen of Greek gods HERA
Salsa rating MILD
Standard of measurement UNIT
Took the bus RODE
Flower part STEM
Sorority letter TAU
Eerie ability ESP
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