Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers August 26, 2020

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Author: Val Melius


“Fancy that!” GEE
Emulate Romeo and Juliet ELOPE
Smoothie option MANGO
Ancient symbol of royalty ASP
Less experienced RAWER
Multipurpose utensil SPORK
Corp. execs VPS
Lizard with a poisonous bite GILAMONSTER
Methuselah’s great-great-great-grandfather ENOS
Parking permit, perhaps DECAL
Irish singer with four Grammys ENYA
Pale green flutterer LUNAMOTH
“Given that…” IFSO
Tom Collins base GIN
Grandmother of 20-Across EVE
“Notorious” justice RBG
Saharan rest stops OASES
Defense secretary between Panetta and Carter HAGEL
Portrait on Chinese renminbi bills MAO
Filmmaker Lupino IDA
Works in the mailroom SORTS
Comes to a standstill HALTS
Spot for a stud EAR
Recede EBB
Place for good spirits BAR
Spike’s pal FIDO
Buffet feature, often HEATLAMP
Word with more or less THAN
Puma part TREAD
Rio makeup AGUA
Rural area, and what can be found in this puzzle’s circles BACKCOUNTRY
Extended story line ARC
Like some revealing attire SHEER
Fitbit feature TIMER
Spreadable square PAT
Flooded field PADDY
Flows through the cracks SEEPS
Chicago commuting options ELS


Prop in a legal drama GAVEL
College sports broadcaster ESPNU
Maker of EcoTank printers EPSON
Work unit ERG
Applied, as a coat of varnish LAIDON
Little screecher OWLET
Sherbet choice PEACH
“At Wit’s End” writer Bombeck ERMA
Yahoo rival MSN
Religious recesses APSES
Western author Zane GREY
Vegetable with pods OKRA
Antipasto bits OLIVES
Original host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” SAGET
Like “literally,” all too often MISUSED
Bowler, for one FELTHAT
Cause of some cast clashes EGOS
Target of Sideshow Bob’s plots BART
Asgardians, e.g. GODS
Mayberry boy OPIE
Antonio Ghislanzoni wrote its libretto AIDA
Like Chucky in “Bride of Chucky” SCARFACED
Sage, e.g. HERB
Fitting APT
“Mr.” in a Styx song ROBOTO
Gugino of “The Haunting of Hill House” CARLA
Good deeds help to erase one BADREP
Sporting tats INKED
“Thin Ice” star Sonja HENIE
Words on a Wonderland cake EATME
Open in astonishment AGAPE
“The Last Supper,” for one MURAL
Diplomatic agreements PACTS
Half a fl. oz. TBSP
“Joke’s on you!” HAHA
Creative slumps RUTS
Squall CRY
Cal. spans YRS
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