Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers June 30, 2020

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Author: Mike Shenk


Bill stamp PAID
Tavern fixture TAP
Bookstore section: Abbr. BIOG
Twiddling one’s thumbs IDLE
“Milk’s Favorite Cookie” OREO
Undue hurry HASTE
*Hole setting GOLFGREEN
Crazy as ___ ALOON
*Place for post on a post RURALMAILBOX
Puts under SEDATES
It’s north of Afr. EUR
Pint in a pub ALE
Quarterback’s calls PLAYS
In worse shape POORER
Bonsai choice ELM
Brand for those with dairy sensitivity LACTAID
Laudatory one PRAISER
Churchill address SIR
Conceal from view SHROUD
Kitchen appliance brand AMANA
Sock end TOE
Total SUM
Tested for purity ASSAYED
*Place with pits AUTOSPEEDWAY
Brother, in Bruxelles FRERE
*Army communication? SEMAPHORE
What all of the starred answers have FLAGS
Careless mistake SLIP
Los Angeles mayor Garcetti ERIC
Sylvia of 2006’s “The Queen” SYMS
Aves. and blvds. STS
Office note MEMO


Truffle-hunting animal PIG
Hoopla ADO
In need of a doctor ILL
Cover, as expenses DEFRAY
Joe who managed the Yankees to four World Series championships TORRE
Districts AREAS
Banana castoff PEEL
Soccer need BALL
Weather map line ISOBAR
Hepburn’s co-star in “The Lion in Winter” OTOOLE
Boomer’s kid GENXER
“My treat!” ONME
Pomade’s kin HAIROIL
Bravery, informally GUTS
Household helper from abroad AUPAIR
Blueprint number SPEC
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Clammy DAMP
Out of the ordinary ODD
Prepare for a road trip LOADUP
Mahershala of “Moonlight” ALI
“The Talk” network CBS
Election Day abbr. TUE
NYSE debut IPO
Bridge supports TRUSSES
“Good heavens, old chap!” ISAY
Low card in pinochle NINE
Diploma holder GRAD
Supplies with personnel STAFFS
Like the minimum wage HOURLY
Collaborate another time RETEAM
Pronto, for short ASAP
Complete chaos MAYHEM
Disorder MESS
Come clean ADMIT
Trades SWAPS
Assns. ORGS
Twisty fish EELS
Metal source ORE
Crater edge RIM
Environmental prefix ECO
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