Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers September 04, 2020

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Author: Mike Shenk


Kunal Nayyar’s role on “The Big Bang Theory” RAJ
Fanuatapu is one of its islands SAMOA
Take in DUPE
Landed ALIT
Overhead ALOFT
“A man of the field,” according to Genesis ESAU
Boss’s issuance MEMO
Toner-applying aid COTTONBALL
Change position? POCKET
Break from the kids, say METIME
Stone with lace and moss varieties AGATE
Desperate signal SOS
More in need of a massage SORER
Their strings are pitched an octave below violas’ CELLOS
RWR’s “evil empire” USSR
Weighty read TOME
Horseman’s weapon LANCE
Relaxing resorts SPAS
Dedicated work ODE
66-Down, in Spain AHORA
Uninspired existence RUT
Wonkish one NERD
Court figure CAGER
Trendily self-referential META
Tattoo parlor supplies INKS
Try to pick up, slangily SCAMON
Forlorn fellow SCHMO
Owns HAS
Like some walks and some winds BRISK
Words spoken from a balcony OROMEO
Programmer’s quick-and-dirty workaround KLUDGE
Some jury heads FORELADIES
Course club IRON
“Jabberwocky” start TWAS
Number of squares in the width and height of this puzzle’s city blocks THREE
Agrippina’s son NERO
Tel Aviv-based news site YNET
Wood strips SLATS
Put in stitches SEW


Broadside, e.g. RAM
Glasgow glassful ALE
Oriole with a 1969 no-hitter JIMPALMER
Spiny-leaved flora ALOES
“Semper Paratus,” for the Coast Guard MOTTO
Frequently, poetically OFT
Elemental piece ATOM
They’re behind DEBTORS
Allegheny’s new name in 1979 USAIR
Swedish prime minister assassinated in 1986 PALME
Mathematician once featured on Swiss banknotes EULER
Playfully play a piccolo TOOTLE
Capone chaser NESS
Bus. bigwig CEO
Follow, as a tip ACTON
Crystal-filled rock GEODE
Judicial capital in the Andes SUCRE
Negligent SLACK
Original seller of Craftsman tools SEARS
Make ___ of (bungle) AHASH
Eggy drink NOG
Red carpet occasions PREMIERES
Jam ingredients? AUTOS
Played pitifully STANK
Hardest to recall DIMMEST
Page periphery MARGIN
Coward knighted by the queen NOEL
Trendy oil CBD
Sentimental sort SOFTY
Tooth top CROWN
Greek goddesses of the seasons HORAE
Filmmaker Kurosawa AKIRA
Chilly precipitation SLEET
Stable diet OATS
Calls on USES
FedEx alternative DHL
Vein yield ORE
At present NOW
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