Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers September 08, 2020

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Author: Trent H. Evans


Online shopping help option CHAT
Hit it off CLICK
Distort SKEW
Tiny technology NANO
Quinn of “Elementary” AIDAN
In fine fettle HALE
Run for novices BUNNYSLOPE
First name on Perry Mason book covers ERLE
Spot for linens CLOSET
“E-I-E-I-O,” for one REFRAIN
Caribbean resort ARUBA
Pretentiously sophisticated ARTSY
Left the band WENTSOLO
“The Grapes of Wrath” migrant OKIE
Operatic piece ARIA
Duke or duchess, e.g. NOBLE
“___ I ask you?” DID
Rap genre GANGSTA
American Greetings logo REDROSE
Cancel key on a PC ESC
It’s up for debate ISSUE
Cracked a bit AJAR
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Financing option for the cash-strapped ZERODOWN
Machismo epitomizers HEMEN
Internet connection MODEM
Stalemate IMPASSE
Perplexing puzzle ENIGMA
Long, long time, in London AEON
Superpower represented by this puzzle’s circled squares XRAYVISION
Clydesdale gait TROT
Cliffside rubble SCREE
One of about 700 in the Bahamas ISLE
Goof, like tihs one TYPO
Congressional figures WHIPS
Crockpot creation STEW


“Squawk Box” network CNBC
Heist take HAUL
___ Domini ANNO
Lots and lots TONS
2020 presidential candidate Julián CASTRO
Rap’s ___ Nas X LIL
Altar affirmative IDO
“It’s a Wonderful Life” director Frank CAPRA
Strike zone’s bottom KNEE
Shepherd, formerly of “The View” SHERRI
Place to spot bows, belts and blows KARATEDOJO
“Black-ish” star Tracee ___ Ross ELLIS
Itty-bitty WEENY
Affirmative votes YEAS
Like some UFO pictures FAKED
Forearm bones ULNAS
Haunted house holler BOO
It’s earned by an earner WAGE
Historic periods ERAS
Chucklehead NINCOMPOOP
Place for a price TAG
Soccer game cheer OLE
Beagle, borzoi or basenji, e.g. BREED
Middle of a Caesar boast ISAW
2020 Oscar winner Laura DERN
Talks with one’s hands SIGNS
LAX scanners TSA
“Awesome, dude!” RAD
Aduba of “Orange Is the New Black” UZO
Simple shelter LEANTO
“John Wick” star REEVES
Four Seasons competitor OMNI
“Slow Turning” singer John HIATT
Abrasive powder EMERY
Souvenir swag, slangily MERCH
Austin festival canceled for 2020 SXSW
Egyptian goddess of fertility ISIS
General idea GIST
Burrowing mammal MOLE
Once again ANEW
Shapiro of NPR ARI
“I reckon that’s true” YEP
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