Worn out Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Worn out

Solution: SHOT

SHOT Definition 1:
An act of shooting a gun see also gunshot potshot.
Two shots were heard. = Two shots rang out.
She fired a warning shot into the air. [=she fired/shot a gun into the air as a warning]
He took a shot at the deer. [=he tried to shoot the deer; he fired a gun at the deer]
SHOT Definition 2:
buckshot.SHOT Definition 3:
The objects (called ammunition) that are shot from cannons and other old-fashioned weapons see also slingshot.
Musket/cannon shot
SHOT Definition 4:
A person who shoots a gun see also big shot.
She is a very good shot. [=she is skilled in shooting a gun]
You’re not a bad shot. [=you are able to shoot a gun fairly well]
SHOT Definition 5:
A critical or hurtful remark see also cheap shot potshot.
They took shots at each other throughout the debate.
As her parting shot [=her final critical comment], she said that the other candidate simply did not understand the needs of the city’s citizens.
SHOT Definition 6:
The act of hitting someone or something with your hand or an object .
The boxer got in a few good shots on his opponent.
She took a shot at me [=tried to hit me] with a snowball but missed.
SHOT Definition 7:
An act of kicking, hitting, or throwing a ball or puck toward or into a goal .
She scored on a perfect shot from the right wing.
Wow! That was a good/great shot!
He made the shot. [=got the ball or puck in the goal]
He took a shot [=threw the ball toward the goal] but missed.
SHOT Definition 8:
A ball or puck that is kicked, hit, or thrown toward or into a goal see also chip shot foul shot jump shot slap shot.
The shot went between the goalie’s legs.
Her shot landed on the putting green.
SHOT Definition 9:
An attempt to do something successfully usually singular often + at .
You should give it a shot. [=you should try to do it]
I’ll give you one more shot. [=I’ll let you try one more time]
They lost, but at least they gave it their best shot. [=try, effort]Take another shot at the math problem.
I never changed a tire before, but I’ll have a shot at it.
I took/had a shot at (guessing) the answer and guessed right.
SHOT Definition 10:
A chance that something will happen or be achieved usually singular often + at see also long shot.
The horse has a 12 to 1 shot of winning.
It’s a 10 to 1 shot that he’ll be on time.
The team has a good shot at winning.
She has a shot at (winning) the title.
SHOT Definition 11:
photograph often + of see also mug shot snapshot.
I got some good shots [=pictures] of the kids.
Be sure to take/get a couple shots of the car.
SHOT Definition 12:
A part of a movie or a television show that is filmed by one camera without stopping .
The movie’s opening shot
A close-up shot of a beehive
SHOT Definition 13:
An act of putting something (such as medicine or vaccine) into the body with a needle :injection often + of .
A flu shot
A shot of morphine/Novocain
SHOT Definition 14:
A small amount of a drink and especially a strong alcoholic drink often + of called also (Brit) short.
Tequila shots
A shot glass
A shot of whisky/espresso
SHOT Definition 15:
A small amount of something often + of .
The pilot took a shot of oxygen.
My speech could use a shot of humor.
SHOT Definition 16:
A heavy metal ball that people throw as far as they can in the athletic event called the shot put.

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