Yet to be cooked Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Yet to be cooked

Solution: RAW

RAW Definition 1:
Not cooked .
raw meat/vegetables
You can eat carrots raw. = You can eat raw carrots.
RAW Definition 2:
In a natural state :not treated or prepared see also raw material.
raw silk/steel
raw sewage
Fold the raw [=unfinished] edge of the fabric under.
RAW Definition 3:
Not yet organized or changed in any way .
He entered the raw data into a spreadsheet.
RAW Definition 4:
Very sore :damaged and painful from harsh conditions, rubbing, etc. sometimes used figuratively .
Hands raw from windburn
The shoes rubbed my heels raw.
His throat was raw from the cold air.
The article touched/struck/hit a raw nerve. [=the article hurt or upset the people who read it]
RAW Definition 5:
Powerful and not controlled .
I was impressed by the raw energy of his performance.
The town was destroyed by the raw power of the tornado.
raw emotion/anger
RAW Definition 6:
Having no experience or training .
raw [=green] recruits/soldiers
The team has a lot of raw talent. [=the team has a lot of talented but inexperienced players]
RAW Definition 7:
Wet and cold .
A raw winter day
RAW Definition 8:
Rude or offensive .
raw language

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