August 29, 2018 NetWord Crossword Answers

Welcome! You will find here all NetWord Crossword Answers Date August 29, 2018 by Charles Slack, edited by Stanley Newman.

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Healthful retreats
Sour-cream tidbit
Carpet salesperson’s calculation
Ford or Ferrari
Appear to be
Former abbr. for Russia
Twangy, as a voice
With 36 and 57 Across, ”A Tale of Two Cities” beginning
Morally pure
Prefix for dynamic
Stick to chew
Put into words
Historical period
Wood-eating bug
Sticks to do magic with
Miles away
See 20 Across
Horseshoe site
Spiral shapes
Small bill
Stars and Stripes land: Abbr.
Laudatory verse
Loads from mines
Stingless bees
See 20 Across
Bacon bit
Largest of the Three Bears
Highway path
River through Paris
Polish for the paper
Went in knee-deep
Spill the beans
Cub Scout groups
Franklin of soul music
Wiggle room
Tots’ parents
White dessert 57 Down
Directive on some doors
Taking a cruise
Frozen dessert
Bleep out
Qualifying race
Form 1040 org.
By way of
Fish with a charge
Cook, as clams
Bard’s ”before”
Special talent
A Four Corners state
Commercials, for example
Internet cafe service
[As written]
Cry of dismay
Large bag
As well
Sudden wealth
On one’s toes
Confined, with ”up”
Go wrong
To be neatened, as beds
Guided to a seat, say
Items of value
Look without blinking
Stopped from squeaking
Corked beverage
Milky gemstone
Pt. opposite NNE
Drink that’s brewed
Get __ of (discard)
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