Canadiana Crossword Answers October 04, 2021

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Buddy PAL
Melville character AHAB
Kind of accountant, abbr. CPA
Verse form EPIC
Overlay with wood CEIL
Priest’s vestment ALB
Gambling destination RENO
South Saskatchewan town CADILLAC
Son of Mercury and Venus CUPID
Yes, in Pamplona SI
Provincial postal address NS
Ran off ELOPED
Social or jingo follower ISM
Abner, for one LIL
Golfer Mike WEIR
Carry BEAR
Teen’s curse ACNE
Partner of neither NOR
Talipot palm leaf OLLA
Compass pt NE
Weekday, abbr. TUES
Shoe brand DAK
Distress sig. SOS
Aplenty GALORE
Pre-Mayan civilization OLMEC
South Alberta town VAUXHALL
New Brunswick creek NASH
Printer’s concern EMS
Mediterranean island ELEA
Early concert halls ODEA
Cheer RAH
Hindmost REAR
Acronym for second last reward? OAP


Hour or cent prefix PER
Imitate APE
Ontario town LINCOLN
Fender benders ACCIDENTS
Beer froth HEAD
Assist AID
Murphy, for one CAL
Design PLAN
Basics ABCS
____de grace COUP
Jamaican dance LIMBO
Church bench PEW
Spirit ELAN
Vermin LICE
Promissory note, so to speak IOU
Ontario community ELDORADO
Winged ALAR
Scallywag RAKE
Ontario county ESSEX
Slump SAG
Yellowish orange OCHER
Tonight host LENO
Above OVER
Buddhist religious teacher LAMA
Dog racer’s cry MUSH
Sunrise, in Madrid ALEA
IPA, for one ALE
Weed or gull prefix SEA
____ Day (hockey maven) HAP
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