Code Letter Crossword Answers January 06, 2022

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Crossword: by Jerry Clarkson


Advance of funds LOAN
Elaborate bash FETE
Part of some addresses POBOX
Horde ARMY
Cameo gem ONYX
Advil alternative ALEVE
”The Big Sleep” author RAYMONDCHANDLER
What you mean to do INTENT
Bumbler’s comment OOPS
Man of mystery MRX
Geode stone AGATE
Innermost part CORE
Was ripped TORE
Lobster’s leg complement TEN
Chase after HUNT
Cantina food TAPAS
Acts sullen POUTS
”Watch me do it too!” SOCANI
With 33 Across, ”The Postman Always Rings Twice” author JAMES
See 32 Across MCAIN
Movie medium BLURAY
Ivanhoe creator SCOTT
Not as common RARER
Irish dramatist SHAW
”Survivor” airer CBS
Arabian monarchy OMAN
Governmental center SEAT
Get sidetracked STRAY
Pecs’ neighbors ABS
Ponder (over) MULL
Shuts up QUIETS
”The Maltese Falcon” author DASHIELLHAMMETT
Exclamation in westerns ADIOS
Animated character TOON
Blade for sports EPEE
Blade for crafters XACTO
Carried a balance OWED
Residence hall DORM


Prop in westerns LARIAT
Sherbet flavor ORANGE
”The Joy Luck Club” novelist AMYTAN
NL East athlete NYMET
Abundant source FONT
Follower of business or bitter END
Big shots in business TYCOONS
Admonish urgently EXHORT
Cook’s collection PANS
Of long standing OLD
Capital of Belize BELMOPAN
Victor at Thermopylae XERXESI
Unspecified person ONE
Big bumbler APE
Stage director’s responsibility CUTS
Unexpressed but understood TACIT
Soldier’s copter HUEY
Ideally TOAT
Printer’s arc PAREN
Persian master poet OMAR
Large freight handler SCOW
Dinosaur’s heyday JURASSIC
Hurdle for would-be GPs MCAT
Timber-cutting tool BROADAX
’90s fad dance LAMBADA
Superficial SHALLOW
Have as a customer SELLTO
Sleazy sort CREEPO
Baker’s creation BATTER
Computer network SYSTEM
__-happy (litigious) SUE
Totality SUM
Against the clock TIMED
Ramen ingredient MISO
A preceder QAND
Hard to keep in stock HOT
Cultivator HOE
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