Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 08, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Winter accessory Scarf
Opening wager Ante
Burn reliever Aloe
Hidden supply Cache
Playwright ____ Simon Neil
Fix Mend
Loosen laces Untie
Acceptance of others Tolerance
Benefit Boon
Swiss city Geneva
TV room Den
Hairspray type Aerosol
Palm fruit Date
Seized Took
Gets uptight Tenses
Alert Aware
Vatican leader Pope
Radio tuner Dial
Capital of Oregon Salem
Distinctive period Era
Upper body Torso
Gazed upon Eyed
Client User
Sugary Sweet
Appoint Assign
Upon Atop
Barbie, e.g. Doll
Actor ____ Crowe Russell
DDE’s predecessor Hst
Get lost! (2 wds.) Beatit
Three musicians Trio
Very scrawny Emaciated
Trimmed Pared
Reign Rule
Kind of carpet Shag
Beside Along
Make eyes at Ogle
Present! Here
Succinct Terse


Diving gear Scuba
Indian boat Canoe
Movie star Actor
Horned animal, for short Rhino
Lawyer’s charge Fee
Gazelles Antelopes
Inert gas Neon
Laid bathroom flooring Tiled
Raise Elevate
MD’s group Ama
Give temporarily Lend
At one time Once
Biblical locale Eden
Appraise Rate
Gunk Goo
Mushroom part Stem
Bestow Endow
“M*A*S*H” locale Korea
Beget Sire
Comfort Ease
Vegas machine Slot
Voyaging Asea
Methods Ways
Pub potables Ales
Redecorated Redid
Quail’s kin Partridge
Chef’s measures (abbr.) Tsps
Let loose Unleash
Mongolian desert Gobi
Absent Out
Wood turner Lathe
Like old bread Stale
Blooper Error
Mortgages Liens
Skier’s cabin Lodge
Superman, e.g. Hero
Arrogant Smug
High Tall
Eye drop Tear
Passing grade Cee
Light touch Pat
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