Code Letter Crossword Answers May 01, 2022

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Crossword: by Fred Piscop


San Antonio shrine ALAMO
Reunion attendees GRADS
Detergent target DIRT
__ Romeo (Italian 46 Across) ALFA
“I’m all ears!” DOSAY
Photocopy, for short REPRO
Fudger of facts LIAR
Boot-camp trainer DRILLMASTER
Maximum effort LEVELBEST
Stamp of approval SEAL
Cookout invader ANT
Van Gogh’s French home ARLES
Horses, to riders MOUNTS
Dollars for quarters RENT
Canine category BREED
Beer topper FOAM
Do as told BEHAVE
Trick-or-treaters’ totes PAILS
Life-line readers PALMISTS
Make blissful ELATE
Barbed remark GIBE
Part of a ferry load AUTO
__ a soul (nobody) NARY
Main purpose AIM
Wi-Fi network identifier ROUTERADDRESS
Take the gold WIN
Male turkeys TOMS
Phone keypad predecessor DIAL
Avoids a pothole, say VEERS
Guiding phrase MOTTO
Sign-making templates STENCILS
Blowout wins ROMPS
Snacked on stuff NOSHED
Typical luau meal ROAST
Shorten further RECUT
Madcap comedy FARCE
Put into groups ASSORT
Of global extremes POLAR
One telling all REVEALER
State-run game LOTTO
Plate of greens SALAD
Form-fitting, in product names TITE
Ready to harvest RIPE
Election Day day: Abbr. TUE
Prepare for unwelcome news BRACEYOURSELF
“You don’t say!” GEE
Sales condition ASIS
“__ Diary” (Twain short story) EVES
Patchy-colored PIED
Felt sore ACHED
Unlawful fire ARSON
Type of bow CURTSY
Title for an earl LORD
Some sausages, for short BRATS
“Finished!” DONE
Baseball great Suzuki ICHIRO
“Comic,” as operas BUFFA
Invitation BID
Solemn statements VOWS
Cost of a flight PLANEFARE
Office storage unit FILECABINET
Subtle glow AURA
Bet-matching phrase IMIN
Feeling sore IRATE
Honda make ACURA
Poor marks DEES
“Cheerio!” TATA
Analyze, as alloys ASSAY
Trip-odometer button RESET


States further ADDS
Passed-down history LORE
Where most live ASIA
Teen food-court regular MALLRAT
Olive of cartoons OYL
Donation from a foundation GRANT
Conclude one’s case REST
Well-chosen, as words APT
More gloomy DREARIER
Reddish-brown horse SORREL
Gave sparingly, with “out” DOLED
Currier’s partner IVES
Nickname for a minister REV
Vocal vibrations TREMOLOS
Egg-white protein ALBUMIN
Legal claim LIEN
With great speed FAST
Partner of crafts ARTS
Shaggy hair MANE
Farm soil LOAM
Guitar great __ Paul LES
Unceasingly EVER
Genesis tower town BABEL
Goddesses of destiny FATES
Outscores BEATS
Inspiration for “Cats” ELIOT
Gyro breads PITAS
Hums like a tuned engine PURRS
Understood, at last SAWTHELIGHT
Timeworn TRITE
Ecclesiastical council SYNOD
Remorseful feeling GUILT
Sure-handed ADEPT
Shelley or Keats ODIST
Shade of green AVOCADO
Take exception DEMUR
Camper’s gooey treat SMORE
Nose, informally SNOOT
With 38 Down, Richard Rodgers collaborator OSCAR
Ersatz chocolate CAROB
Baton-passing event RELAY
Mark on some oranges NAVEL
Portrayals ROLES
Entertained lavishly FETED
Where 103 Across are exchanged ALTAR
March master SOUSA
One in the lead PACER
Gotten out of bed RISEN
Olympic weaponry EPEES
Sounding like a bassoon REEDY
Held aside SAVED
Small bands TRIOS
Upgrade technologically RETROFIT
On the next floor UPSTAIRS
Mythical goat-man FAUN
Steinbeck’s hometown SALINAS
Crack in a cliff CREVICE
Golfer’s alert FORE
Comics canine’s comment ARF
Basketry fiber RAFFIA
Sonata postscript CODA
Lake __ Vista (Disney World locale) BUENA
Problematical DICEY
Apple tablet IPAD
Piece of evidence CLUE
Long-eared animal HARE
One from Newcastle or Nottingham BRIT
Software preview BETA
Great burden ONUS
Had the job of WERE
Internist’s imperative STAT
Org. of physicians AMA
Keep from entering BAR
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