Code Letter Crossword Answers May 14, 2022

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Crossword: by Stella Zawistowski


Acting appallingly EMOTING
Gets the sense GATHERS
Puerto Rican mashed plantain dish MOFONGO
Provider of theme park assistance AREAMAP
Two or more squads PLATOON
Go off badly MISFIRE
Take over RENEW
Reflux EBB
Cast about STREW
“Till we saturate time and __”: Whitman ERAS
Impromptu ADLIB
Southeast Asia starch source SAGO
Give in to pressure SAG
Multi-fish meal, for instance PLATTER
How Timon of Athens originated TAU
Six-time Super Bowl champs STEELERS
Nethermost LOWEST
Harmless fun LARK
Use soap and water LAVE
Brit billiard player’s outerwear WESKIT
Some Italian arms BERETTAS
Rocker sounding like a rod AXL
“Eighter from __” (casino dice roll) DECATUR
High point of some vacations ALP
Not a long row SPAT
Hazards DARES
French Toaster Sticks brand EGGO
Marathon volunteer aide PACER
For one PER
Inventory, for any store ASSET
Vexatious IRKSOME
Option for a phone’s Options menu RESTART
Brilliant STELLAR
Categorical contradiction ITSALIE
Ushers in HERALDS
Prepare, as pork chops, perhaps PANSEAR


Czarina equivalent EMPRESS
Subterranean burrower MOLERAT
Old enough OFANAGE
Big lugs TOTES
Start of a final rite sentence INOW
CARE, for one NGO
Lost one’s power GONEDARK
Fancy footwork GAMBIT
Cardinals or Coyotes, for short ARI
Nickname like Terri TESS
Where to grab your spears HAFTS
Any of three states EMIRATE
Ir doesn’t react very well RAREGAS
Disgorge SPEWOUT
Tuna alternatives BLTS
On guard now ALERTED
Nation since ’91 BELARUS
Check clasher PLAID
Not a stay-at-home type ROVER
One of North America’s largest beasts ELK
All __ WET
Order to proceed LETERRIP
Hard to hobnob with WASPISH
Improper, as some legal conduct EXPARTE
Goof-off SLACKER
__ bones BARE
Junk-removal tactic TAGSALE
Largest Arab country by area ALGERIA
Gym assistant SPOTTER
Tartar sauce tidbits CAPERS
Source for solar panels TESLA
“__ de más” (are too much) ESTAS
Call it ROLL
Grp. with lobbyists, often ASSN
Ill-considered MAD
“When r u coming?” ETA
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