Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 16, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Not that This
Above Atop
Citric and boric Acids
Carbonated beverage Soda
Mets’ stadium Shea
Atoll material Coral
Canvass Poll
Commit (a crime) Perpetrate
Pittsburgh footballer Steeler
Embellished Adorned
High cards Aces
Savings plan (abbr.) Ira
Shocked Aghast
Blasting substance (abbr.) Tnt
The ____ Star State Lone
Reluctant Loath
Yew or willow Tree
Average Par
Attract Lure
Leading Ahead
Sample Demo
Lyric poem Ode
Vegetarian’s taboo Meat
Ventilated Aired
Hornet’s kin Wasp
Pen fluid Ink
Wrinkle Crease
Conclusion End
Squabble Spat
Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese
Arms depot Arsenal
Friendly toward guests Hospitable
“The Way We ____” Were
Basketball’s Shaquille ____ Oneal
Mediocre grades Cees
Leave Exit
Pares Peels
That girl’s Hers
RR terminals Stas


Recipe abbr. Tsps
Owl’s cry Hoot
At leisure Idle
Bargain bonanza Sale
Facet Aspect
Not here There
Above, poetically Oer
Mama’s husband Papa
Role player Actor
Ranch enclosure Corral
Mideast nation Iran
Escort Date
Winter coaster Sled
Revised Edited
Mascara spot Lash
Stripes Streaks
Permit Allow
Cheese type Gouda
Rabbitlike animals Hares
Had brunch Ate
Orderly Neat
Verdi work Opera
Appoints Names
Wash away Erode
Now and ____ Then
Among Amidst
Expire Die
Skills Arts
Mail friend (2 wds.) Penpal
Touch lovingly Caress
Diamond and Armstrong Neils
More wan Paler
Karate blow Chop
Sharpen Hone
Enlightened one’s words (2 wds.) Isee
Apiece Each
Flock females Ewes
Following Next
Diva’s forte Aria
Rents out Lets
Busy buzzer Bee
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