Code Letter Crossword Answers May 26, 2023

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Crossword: by Steve Faiella


Gangbusters FEDS
Composed and collected CALM
What makes granite sparkle MICA
Nefarious EVIL
“Golly!” OHGEE
Times with names ERAS
State bird that’s a goose NENE
Michelangelo work PIETA
Goldfish kin CARP
Lending slowdown CREDITCRUNCH
Endorse without a pen ESIGN
Building on a $1 bill PYRAMID
It can’t be changed DONEDEAL
Ramen morsel ENOKI
Boys in the ‘hood BROS
Located SITED
Residence for the rodentlike RABBITHUTCH
Shaver of a sort PLANE
Small teams DUOS
Land near Cuba HAITI
Backs with bucks SPONSORS
Is accommodating OBLIGES
Twist open UNCAP
Boxing event for charity BENEFITMATCH
Brand served in a bowl on the floor ALPO
Where to find a big mouth DELTA
Nose (around) POKE
Reviewed, in a way READ
Establish formally ENACT
Impressionist APER
Jersey __, NJ CITY
Performs in “Hamlet” DOTH
It may be turned against you TIDE


Set boundaries FENCED
Extremely EVERSO
Takeout alternative DINEIN
Heavy hitter SLEDGE
Looking smart CHIC
New __ (crystal collector, perhaps) AGER
Spiteful type MEANY
Card shark MECHANIC
Rollover candidate IRA
One may be sleeping CAR
Hieroglyphics creature ASP
Show favor (for) OPT
Ky. neighbor IND
Cockatoo topper CREST
Night flier MOTH
__ VICTORY (11/56 headline) IKE
Impersonated DID
What a 67 Across often does EBB
Suitable for cacti ARID
Seated yoga pose LOTUS
Preceder or follower of talk SHOP
Complain bitterly RAIL
Protective protein ANTIBODY
Earth tone BEIGE
“Force Behind the Forces” USO
Vietnamese soup PHO
Science center LAB
Keyboard’s __ Lock NUM
Be short with SNAPAT
Cuttlefish kin OCTOPI
Prepared to shoot pool RACKED
Marble, e.g. SPHERE
All wrapped up ENDED
With 13 Across, monkey message SEENO
Off-key low FLAT
Letter-pair-ending theme of the puzzle ITCH
Pec pic, perhaps TAT
Arrow path ARC
Floral string LEI
Apt anagram PAT
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