Code Letter Crossword Answers November 20, 2023

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Crossword: by Doug Peterson


Classroom exam TEST
“Bye-bye!” TATA
Unsuccessful film BOMB
Swearing-in pledge OATH
Venue for a boxing match ARENA
Untruthful person LIAR
Thin vegetables in casseroles GREENBEANS
Initial poker payment ANTE
Swiss mountain ALP
Charged atoms IONS
Broke into, as a computer HACKED
Ink smear BLOT
Author Twain MARK
Orchard fruits APPLES
Snoozing spot hung up between two trees HAMMOCK
__ cheese salad dressing BLEU
Take a nap DOZE
Touch down on a runway LAND
Secret message CODE
Wasn’t feeling well AILED
Creative thought IDEA
Wild guess STAB
Movies borrowed from libraries DVDS
Swerve sharply VEER
Long parts of a shirt SLEEVES
Type of insect that a ladybug is BEETLE
Sandwich breads RYES
Argue the pros and __ CONS
Person making a soccer goal SCORER
Noisy LOUD
“Now I get it!” AHA
Car with a meter TAXI
Darker-than-white cereal sweetener BROWNSUGAR
Fencing sword EPEE
Retained for later SAVED
Mailed out SENT
Store section selling neckties MENS
That woman’s HERS
Feeling nervous EDGY


Julius Caesar garment TOGA
__ Grey (pekoe alternative) EARL
Rung of a ladder STEP
Run-of-__-mill THE
Forbidden things TABOOS
“Well, __ you clever!” ARENT
Cups of pekoe TEAS
Raggedy doll ANN
Greek salads’ dark fruits BLACKOLIVES
Pig’s sound OINK
Wife or husband MATE
Raised, as racehorses BRED
Very embarrassed ASHAMED
Long African river NILE
What a pitcher throws with ARM
Round fruits baked into muffins BLUEBERRIES
Path-following paper puzzles MAZES
First lessons in reading ABCS
Novels’ story lines PLOTS
Propel a tricycle PEDAL
Grasps in one’s hand HOLDS
Military school student CADET
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Plunges into water DIVES
Take a bold chance DARE
Words like “possibly” and “truly” ADVERBS
Center of a hurricane EYE
By leaps and __ (with rapid progress) BOUNDS
Concludes ENDS
Crouch in fear COWER
Flower stalk STEM
__ Canaveral, FL CAPE
Plow-pulling animals OXEN
Be very fond of LOVE
Matured, as wine AGED
Install, as a framed painting HANG
Overly stylish ARTY
Cheerleader’s quaint shout RAH
Find a purpose for USE
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