USA Today Crossword Answers November 20, 2023

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Author: by Jess Shulman and Nate Cardin


Couch potato’s spot SOFA
“Broadway ___” (minimally clothed fundraising event for those living with HIV/AIDS) BARES
Nepal’s continent ASIA
Societal problems ILLS
___ and beyond ABOVE
Word on a red octagonal sign STOP
Compensates PAYS
Word rhymed with “Chevy” in “American Pie” LEVEE
Word before “trap” or “roller” LINT
The Target dog or Spuds MacKenzie, e.g. BULLTERRIER
“I rock!” YAYME
Texter’s “My b!” SRY
___ dish (bio lab container) PETRI
Fitting name for a sincere person ERNEST
Accessory for Mr. Peanut and Mr. Monopoly TOPHAT
NPR journalist Shapiro ARI
Students older than jrs. SRS
Internet forum admin MOD
Summer time zone in D.C. EDT
Doesn’t share HOGS
Standoffish ALOOF
___/neuter program SPAY
Burger King’s smaller signature burger WHOPPERJUNIOR
“I didn’t need to hear that!” TMI
Try to win over WOO
Main mo. of spooky season OCT
Green prefix ECO
Tree with acorns OAK
Shirk one’s responsibilities LIEDOWNONTHEJOB
Swedish furniture chain IKEA
“Well, obvs!” NODUH
Wine in a sushi bar SAKE
Flower with a “tiger” variety LILY
Wear away ERODE
Certain horse gait TROT
Six-point NFL plays TDS
Not as common RARER
Reggae precursor SKA


Tiny taste of tea SIP
Portuguese greeting OLA
Untrustworthy FLYBYNIGHT
Suppose without proof ASSUME
Lucille who played Lucy BALL
Assists with a wrongdoing ABETS
Vehicle on Mars ROVER
“Lift ___ Voice and Sing” EVERY
Fortuneteller SEER
Catching some Z’s ASLEEP
Incite drama STIRTHEPOT
Lithium-___ battery ION
Like the name Herb, for a gardener APT
Word similar to “fewer” LESS
Nano or Shuffle device IPOD
“Uh-huh” YEAH
Bow and ___ ARROW
Airplane-tracking tool RADAR
Teeny-tiny ITTY
Ensnare TRAP
Chanpuru ingredient TOFU
Whole bunch SLEW
___ dojo casa house MOJO
Eventually SOMEDAY
Spanish for “gold” ORO
Most rad SICKEST
___ de gallo PICO
“Stranger Things” star Schnapp NOAH
Pet’s “parent” OWNER
Significant ___ OTHER
Cheerful tune LILT
“Just joking” IKID
Slithery fish EELS
Rom-com queen Ephron NORA
Stench ODOR
Naked NUDE
Pickle or jam containers JARS
“I get it, I get it . . .” OKOK
Software version that’s still being tested BETA
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