Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 04, 2024

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Big fusses ADOS
Embrace HUG
“Close one!” PHEW
Latin 101 word AMO
Tardy LATE
Scott Turow book ONEL
Long. crosser LAT
Arm bone ULNA
Be amazed (at) MARVEL
Sci-fi writer Ellison HARLAN
Little rascal IMP
“Kapow!” BAM
— Raton BOCA
Singer DiFranco ANI
Away from NNW SSE
Scooted RAN
In-demand, hyped-up stock HOTISSUE
Revue segment SKIT
Cen. parts YRS
MLB stat RBI
Chinese book of divination ICHING
Joni Mitchell hit single HELPME
Salty waters SEAS
Vitamin stat RDA
Coffee-growing area of Hawaii KONA
“Glamour” rival ELLE
Online address URL
Freudian topics EGOS
Building wings ELLS
Ann Patchett’s “— Canto” BEL
“Uh-uh” NOPE


Teensy bit ATOM
Actress Merrill DINA
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
Poet Plath SYLVIA
Monitor’s request HALLPASS
Ms. Thurman UMA
Ancient invader of Rome GOTH
Like pins and needles PLURAL
Popular movie channel HALLMARK
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Gradually withdraw WEAN
Dorothy’s auntie EM
“Aladdin” monkey ABU
“Humbug!” BAH
Yoko of music ONO
Mayor’s workplace CITYHALL
The Spartans’ sch. MSU
Oktoberfest hangout BEERHALL
— chi TAI
Sinusitis doc ENT
Van Gogh painting IRISES
Tax form ID SSN
Soft and lustrous SILKEN
Exist BE
“Got it” ISEE
Honeycomb division CELL
Comic strip possum POGO
L-Q bridge MNOP
Lighten EASE
Dad on “Black-ish” DRE
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