Universal Crossword Answers April 04, 2024

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Author: by Amanda Winters


“Modern Family” actress Hyland SARAH
Made a web SPUN
Italian lake known for luxurious villas COMO
Houston slugger ASTRO
Darn it! HOLE
Like spoken defenses ORAL
Third ___ (date tagalong) WHEEL
Voice below soprano ALTO
It can be changed or made up MIND
Most common flight conveyance? AIRPLANEMODE
Kitchenware brand OXO
About to pop DUE
Bible book with the most verses PSALMS
Central place to make a landing? MEDIANSTRIP
Is, in Latin EST
Friend’s opposite ENEMY
Body art dye HENNA
Discovery org. NASA
What has hands and a face but no body CLOCK
British fellow CHAP
Red, green or blue COLOR
Face down PRONE
Kitty’s cry MEW
Average thoroughfares? MEANSTREETS
Goddess after whom Greece’s capital is named ATHENA
Excessively TOO
Six games, maybe, in tennis SET
Difference between the shortest and longest possible ways to go by car? DRIVINGRANGE
British bud MATE
Fur, for a cat COAT
Bob Marley, religiously RASTA
Idyllic garden EDEN
Strongly encourage URGE
Queried ASKED
Google thermostat NEST
Shirts shot from cannons TEES
“We Have the ___” (Arby’s slogan) MEATS


Horror franchise, or a tool SAW
Byproduct of an eruption ASH
GPS calculation RTE
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Easter, for one HOLIDAY
Geometry lesson for a toddler SHAPES
Gallup offering POLL
Sephora competitor ULTA
Certain bright hue NEONPINK
Baltimore slugger ORIOLE
Brand with spokescandies MANDMS
Like Kourtney, among the Kardashian sisters OLDEST
Manage RUN
“SportsCenter” channel ESPN
Harbinger OMEN
TV princess who wields the chakram XENA
Poets’ tributes ODES
Thin desktop computer IMAC
Point on a stem THORN
Button for taping a TV show REC
One of 100 in Pooh’s wood ACRE
Presentable CLEANCUT
Mauna ___ LOA
Weeding tools HOES
Start a pot ANTE
Exterminator’s target PEST
Ritz-Carlton rival OMNI
Write in code, maybe PROGRAM
AMC drama set in the ’60s MADMEN
Financial firm with an asterisk in its name ETRADE
Alternatives to reds WHITES
Parts of Mexico but not Canada STATES
Large unit of weight TON
Caterer’s job EVENT
Violent movie feature GORE
All the ___ (trendy) RAGE
Soothe EASE
Jamaican music genre SKA
Vietnamese celebration TET
Promos ADS
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