Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 05, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Pool stick CUE
Group of three TRIAD
“It’s c-c-cold!” BRR
Magic, on scoreboards ORL
Starbucks size VENTI
Aussie hopper ROO
Excursions on tandems BIKERIDES
Vintage OLD
Marsh BOG
Grimaces SCOWLS
Arboreal ape GIBBON
Undecided TORN
Citric beverage ADE
Kitten’s cry MEW
Jazz legend Vaughan SARAH
Match parts SETS
Aachen article DER
Country singer McCann LILA
Trattoria offering PASTA
Insult, slangily DIS
Farm female COW
Luke’s mentor YODA
Cook corn without oil AIRPOP
Have debts OWE
Buddy BRO
Derek and Diddley BOS
Gladden ELATE
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Reply (Abbr.) ANS
“What a pity!” SOSAD
Bearded antelope GNU


Male swan COB
Swiss canton URI
Yellowstone grazer ELK
Place for binge-watching TVROOM
Occupied the throne REIGNED
Neighbor of Ill. IND
“This is only —” ATEST
Dance clubs DISCOS
Whole-grain dish BROWNRICE
Hamburger holder ROLL
Scepters RODS
Flow out EBB
Spoken ORAL
React in horror GASP
Inventor’s inspiration IDEA
Legendary flagmaker BETSYROSS
Marry WED
Medicinal plant ALOE
Actress Goldie HAWN
“Go no further!” STOP
Lasagna cheese RICOTTA
Pueblo structures ADOBES
Became enraged SAWRED
Skater Ohno APOLO
Actor Stephen REA
“Waterloo” group ABBA
Press IRON
Small batteries AAS
Gear tooth COG
Ages and ages EON
Old French coin SOU
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