Newsday Crossword Answers April 03, 2021

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Author: S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


Kids’ programming designation RATEDTVG
”The Flying Kangaroo” company QANTAS
Essence of many ballad lyrics ILOVEYOU
Prepare to swing open UNBOLT
Ethiopia-to-Sudan river BLUENILE
Commercial preparation ADCOPY
Need a break SAG
Gators’ digs NESTS
Rocket fuel, familiarly LOX
Nail to the wall HANG
Most of a putter SHAFT
Nightmarish visions INCUBI
Undemanding listening EARCANDY
Chase merger partner (2000) MORGAN
When ”I Will Survive” got a Grammy DISCOERA
Herd word MOO
Most prestigious TOP
Structure south of Luxor ASWANDAM
Stick-y snack ICEPOP
Set apart for a purpose DEDICATE
Rather like NEARLY
Kid-lit ecologist LORAX
Middle range ALTO
Unusually intelligent APT
Either of two early-1900s First Ladies EDITH
#3 in US population FLA
Scam victim of myth TROJAN
Don’t swallow easily QUESTION
Third performer to attain EGOT (1977) MORENO
LBJ Library locale UTAUSTIN
Malware removal software SPYBOT
About 75 ml of a cup’s hot stuff ESPRESSO


Grilling candidates RIBS
Ossobuco __ milanese ALLA
Stand-up comic’s bane TOUGHCROWD
Garden party EVE
Book room, perhaps DEN
Showing a relationship TYINGIN
Muskrat cousin VOLE
Conjectured correctly GUESSED
Luminous galactic nuclei QUASARS
Conclusion introducer AND
Media letters since Charleston days NBC
Labor-saving device TOOL
T-Bonz brand ALPO
River mentioned by Herodotus STYX
Tangy takeout THAI
Short alternative to 8 AUG
What centers shoot for NBA
Broadband access regulator FCC
Discipline starting with a ”d” sound TAO
”Grrr!” IMMAD
Roundup circle NOOSE
Something reported in annual reports NETPROFITS
Betray overeagerness DROOL
Chihuahua-like YAPPY
Have something AIL
Base’s not-very-high figure NCO
Are fearful to DARENOT
Hardly at all ATAD
Nation de Nogales MEXIQUE
Towering carelessly INAHEAP
Retro animation unit CEL
Have something EAT
Buck passers ATMS
Source of support PROP
Major or May TORY
Scolding sounds TUTS
Name akin to Luigi LOIS
A, as in chronology ANNO
Bush baby, circa 1954 JEB
What’s heard from refusers ANO
Plus preceder SUR
St. Louis-born poet’s monogram TSE
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