Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers June 08, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


“Incidentally,” to texters BTW
Actor’s part ROLE
Green land EIRE
“Norma —” RAE
Thor’s father ODIN
Pink metallic shade ROSEGOLD
Office note MEMO
Greek vowel ETA
Ram’s mate EWE
Angelic instruments HARPS
Scooted RAN
Gaiety FUN
Succeed GOFAR
Shopper’s quest BARGAIN
Saharan ARID
Belly GUT
Director Preminger OTTO
Mexican wraps SERAPES
Concepts IDEAS
Piratic potation RUM
Score units (Abbr.) PTS
Period of rule REIGN
Buddy MAC
Science room LAB
Beige ECRU
#1 hit song by Hall and Oates RICHGIRL
— impasse ATAN
N.J. summer hrs. EDT
Utah ski resort ALTA
Dresses in DONS
Insult, slangily DIS
Screen legend Lillian GISH


Richard of “Chicago” GERE
Laugh-a-minute RIOT
Celestial bear URSA
Spelldown BEE
Ivy League school BROWN
Story TALE
Marry WED
Mars and Jupiter, e.g. ROMANGODS
River to the Baltic ODER
Flaccid LIMP
Eve’s grandson ENOS
Equipment GEAR
“Ben- —” HUR
Speed detectors RADARGUNS
Blubber FAT
Ozone, for one GAS
Mine yield ORE
Fragrant tree FIR
Greyhound vehicle BUS
Devoured ATE
Call — day ITA
Refusals NOS
Prized possession GEM
Bit of wit PUN
Craving ITCH
Treaties PACTS
Peruse READ
Outside (Pref.) ECTO
Tehran’s country IRAN
Calf-length MIDI
Caron title role LILI
Sciences’ partner ARTS
Humdrum BLAH
Flushed RED
Joke GAG
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