LA Times Crossword Answers July 04, 2020

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Author: Julian Lim / Ed. Rich Norris


Reward for giving, perhaps TOTEBAG
Usually not eligible for tenure, as a professor ADJUNCT
Heedless of the consequences BRASHLY
“The Meyerowitz Stories” co-star SANDLER
Xenomorphs, e.g. ETS
Switch positions often JOBHOP
Razor handle ATRA
Uses for snoozes LIESON
Not lots AFEW
German article EIN
Out of __ SORTS
Range makeup: Abbr. MTS
Make official ENACT
Tandoori bread NAN
“Looks to be the case” SOITSEEMS
Safari, say IPHONEAPP
Au naturel UNCLOTHED
Racing Unsers ALS
Lectured SPOKE
Mate PAL
Flabbergast FLOOR
Sch. with a Phoenix campus ASU
“Ashes” (2018) singer DION
Shaky start? SEISMO
Things to pick NITS
Like some dramatic refueling MIDAIR
Some tech sch. grads EES
2010s TV series that explores hacktivism MRROBOT
More than vex TORMENT
Opposite of a scenic route BEELINE
Frames on a diamond INNINGS
Whole number INTEGER


Drying agents TOWELS
Standing acclaim, at times OVATION
Mosaic piece TESSERA
“__ tu”: Verdi aria ERI
Pete Seeger wrote a book on how to play five-string ones BANJOS
Brown in the kitchen ALTON
Jell-O serving, say GLOB
Strong core components ABSOFSTEEL
Fall loosely DRAPE
1, at times: Abbr. JAN
Food and Nutrition Service org. USDA
Minnesota Wild, for one NHLTEAM
Mullahs or ministers CLERICS
Very tough boss TYRANT
Deferentially HATINHAND
Dancer’s boss, informally STNICK
Irrelevancies MOOTPOINTS
Katmandu native NEPALI
“The Chi” airer, briefly SHO
Blue SAD
Beseeched PLED
20th Greek letter UPSILON
Sign with a crossed-out horseshoe-shaped arrow NOUTURN
Take a licking LOSEBIG
“__ Like You”: Adele hit SOMEONE
__ SpĂ­ritus: Cuban city meaning “Holy Spirit” SANCTI
Polecat relative commonly kept as a pet FERRET
Team listing ROSTER
Using WhatsApp, say IMING
Fire engine feature SIREN
Highway behemoth SEMI
Both ways at the start? AMBI
Man cave, for some DEN
World Cup “Way to go!” OLE
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