Universal Crossword Answers July 04, 2020

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Author: by Fred Ohles


Kitchen meas. TBSP
The best IDEAL
Shade tree ELM
Gaels’ New York college IONA
Musket-loading implement RAMROD
Top numeral on a sundial XII
*Crude jokes COARSEHUMOR
Tattoo liquid INK
Tossed THREW
Octogenarian artist Yoko ONO
Golf ball perch TEE
Just fine AOK
U.N. financial arm IMF
Leave in shreds RIPUP
Reluctant to commit COY
*Annual quartet FOURSEASONS
Tech support whiz ITPRO
Anna’s sister in “Frozen” ELSA
“___ thou love me?” (Juliet) DOST
PC shortcut MACRO
*Loaner from a garage COURTESYCAR
___ es Salaam DAR
Fowl place ROOST
Angsty rock genre EMO
Poet’s before ERE
Knock on the noggin BOP
Staff sgt., e.g. NCO
People who frequently change positions? YOGIS
Japanese sash OBI
Stray, or what the first six letters of the starred answers do (each by one letter)? GOOFFCOURSE
End of some three-day weekends: Abbr. MON
Jousts verbally ARGUES
Observed SEEN
Request a biscuit BEG
Palindromic belief TENET
Shelter with a flap TENT


Popular breath mint TICTAC
Sarcastic crying sound BOOHOO
Snidely rude SNARKY
Cut back PARE
Anger IRE
“Well, lah-di-___!” DAH
Bird that runs fast EMU
Puts plates on? ARMORS
$1 Canadian coin, slangily LOONIE
Survey taken as voters leave EXITPOLL
See 15-Down LINE
Emcee’s device MIKE
With 11-Down, write quickly (to) DROPA
Birds that fly fast SWIFTS
Roll up FURL
Be of ___ (help) USETO
Spacious ROOMY
Hush-hush grp. NSA
Tool with a chain variety SAW
Short beginning INTRO
Health agcy. CDC
XXX counterpart OOO
Seizing unjustly USURPING
“Mario Kart” competition RACE
Word with the same consonant sounds as “scheme” SCAM
Often-dry gulch ARROYO
Kingdom southeast of Fiji TONGA
Accompany ESCORT
Curly or Larry STOOGE
Already come to light ARISEN
Take offense at RESENT
Cherry ___ (certain firework) BOMB
Slender reed OBOE
Boot from power OUST
Filled-in word in the world’s first crossword FUN
User’s payment FEE
Kansas City winter hrs. CST
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