LA Times Crossword Answers September 16, 2021

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Below are LA Times September 16, 2021 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.

Author: Mark McClain / Ed. Rich Norris


Archaeologist’s find TOMB
“Fire” crawlers ANTS
Cartoon explosion word BLAM
Trickster SCAMP
Where the iris is UVEA
Country dance REEL
German camera LEICA
Trilateral trade deal NAFTA
Silo in a rural valley? DELLTOWER
Allegro __: very fast, in scores ASSAI
Like some statues at night UPLIT
Surrounded ENCLOSED
A+ for a struggling student? AMAZINGGRADE
Opposing teams FOES
__ chin CLEFT
Like a sudoku solution LOGICAL
Allergic reaction ACHOO
“A Writer’s Life” writer TALESE
What a red handset icon may end CALL
Ought to SHOULD
Humongous VAST
Neat places to get beers? DANDYBARS
Nightmare? SOURDREAM
Authenticity on the street CRED
Pound or stone UNIT
Bier chiller EIS
Police dept. rank SGT
Place for an updo SALON
Ancient temple complex KARNAK
Grab the tab TREAT
Alma mater of Clinton and Ford, briefly YALELAW
Marina sights VESSELS
Terse Supreme Court decision for lions? THEPRIDEISRIGHT
House Speaker before Pelosi HASTERT
Actress O’Hara MAUREEN
Position paper, e.g. ESSAY
Many have pins at one end ALLEYS
Kunta in “Roots” KINTE
Prefix with warrior ECO
Animation letters CGI
In a trice SOON
Rides the bench SITS
Challenge from an ex-president? OBAMADARE
Southern tavern accents? PUBDRAWLS
Texas’ __ Duro Canyon PALO
Grimm girl GRETEL
Afghans’ neighbors TAJIKS
Inspected prior to a job CASED
Bellamy’s sister on “The 100” OCTAVIA
Underworld figure SATAN
Military sch. ACAD
Wall Street bear? SHAREDROPPER
How Albee’s “The Zoo Story” is written INONEACT
Grammatical separator COMMA
Senator Hatch ORRIN
Classic audiophile’s equipment, and a hint to eight long puzzle answers CDCHANGER
Adrien of cosmetics ARPEL
Misleading move FEINT
Greeting from Kermit HIHO
Marginal mark DELE
Good __: enjoyable books READS
Fictional navigator Phileas FOGG
Negotiation obstacles EGOS
Note recipient, at times SELF


Arrogance, in slang TUDE
Range feature OVEN
Sporty Spice, familiarly MELC
Cause of a walk BALLFOUR
Came up AROSE
Most recently made NEWEST
Aggravated, with “off” TEED
Camera initials SLR
“Take care!” BESAFE
“Hungarian Rhapsodies” composer LISZT
Palm tree berry ACAI
Most of Italy, to 14-Down residents MAINLAND
Warm and cozy SNUGGLY
See 12-Down CAPRI
Company with a quacking mascot AFLAC
Crete peak: Abbr. MTIDA
Pi __, “Life of Pi” hero PATEL
Least plausible LAMEST
Ineligible for kiddie rides TOOOLD
Bass et al. ALES
Miner’s find GOLD
Digger’s find CLAM
Strength ASSET
Group in a loft CHOIR
Casino, to gamblers HOUSE
Gamer’s game face AVATAR
City near Le Havre CAEN
MASH staff DRS
Nod off DROWSE
Pops, as a bubble BURSTS
Last Stuart queen ANNE
Iranian dough RIAL
NYSE listings STKS
54-Across’ land EGYPT
Missouri senator McCaskill CLAIRE
Most squad cars SEDANS
Alaskan native ALEUT
Stout container KEG
US Open stadium namesake ASHE
Make it to ATTEND
Unnamed persons THEY
Ground cover plant also called periwinkle VINCA
Hesitant sounds ERS
Nike rival REEBOK
Padlock hardware HASP
Matty with a .307 lifetime batting average ALOU
Unkempt sort SLOB
Skedaddles SCATS
Investor’s concern YIELD
Firing device KILN
Texter’s “Holy cow!” OMG
Really quit SWEAROFF
“Chocolat” co-star OLIN
Mystical secrets ARCANA
Lost driver’s disappointments DEADENDS
Intensely supportive AVID
Unmistakable PATENT
Cracked a bit AJAR
Sealing, as a package TAPING
Don Quixote’s squire __ Panza SANCHO
Grumpy Muppet OSCAR
Task list entry CHORE
Buccaneers’ home TAMPA
Dangerous companion? ARMED
Thyme bit SPRIG
Pacific salmon COHOS
Nabisco bite OREO
“With ya so far” IDIG
Tommie of the 1969 Miracle Mets AGEE
Biological unit CELL
Not kosher TREF
Role in “Evita” CHE
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