Leans some Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Leans some

Solution: TILTS

TILTS Definition 1:
To lift or move (something) so that one side is higher than another side + obj no obj .
Tilt the glass as you pour in the beer.
The picture on the wall was tilted. [=it was not straight or level]
The steering wheel can tilt downward.
TILTS Definition 2:
To move (your head, chin, etc.) up, down, or to one side .
Tilt your head back.
Tilt your chin up.
She tilted her head and looked questioningly at him.
Her head was tilted to the side.
TILTS Definition 3:
To influence (something) or to change so that a particular result or occurrence is more likely, a particular group is favored, etc. + obj no obj .
Rising inflation could tilt the economy into/toward a recession.
The quarterback’s injury could tilt (the outcome of) the game in the other team’s favor. [=could make it more likely that the other team will win]
His election tilted the city council to the left/right. [=made the city council more liberal/conservative]
The law tilts the balance of power towards corporations. [=the law gives corporations more power]
The economy could be tilting into/toward a recession.

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