NetWord Crossword Answers April 01, 2024

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Author: by Doug Peterson


Lasting marks SCARS
Soybean product in Japanese soups TOFU
Casino wagers BETS
Portion out ALLOT
Clothes-pressing appliance IRON
Send forth, as light EMIT
Florida swamp critter GATOR
Auto transmission setting GEAR
Vacation dwelling on wheels MOTORHOME
Trickle slowly SEEP
Package with model plane parts KIT
__-dinner mint AFTER
Package sent by mail PARCEL
Grain storage building SILO
Lyft’s ridesharing rival UBER
Has some food EATS
Yoga’s cross-legged __ position LOTUS
Cozy inn serving morning meals BEDANDBREAKFAST
Instant-replay speed, for short SLOMO
Tells a fib LIES
Pooch-biting bug FLEA
Get ready, for short PREP
Any letter enclosure INSERT
Duo + one THREE
“Without further __ . . .” ADO
Sandal or sneaker SHOE
Dwelling that floats on water HOUSEBOAT
Playing cards below jacks TENS
Early reading basics ABCS
Reinforced, as winter coats LINED
Office assistant AIDE
Bottom part of a boot SOLE
Walk into a building ENTER
Badly behaved kid BRAT
Warmth from a furnace HEAT
Onion coverings SKINS


Become droopy SAG
Chowder morsel CLAM
Low-voiced female singer ALTO
Underground part of a plant ROOT
Golfer’s putt or drive STROKE
Close-fitting TIGHT
Sandwich cookie OREO
Shaving lather FOAM
Imaginary UNREAL
Beauty and the __ BEAST
Banquet host EMCEE
Official using a stopwatch TIMER
A __ in the right direction STEP
Made angry RILED
__ songs (traditional sing-along music) FOLK
British taverns PUBS
Cain’s younger brother ABEL
Decorate a new way REDO
Study hard for an exam CRAM
Piece of bacon STRIP
“It’s obvious now!” ISEE
Well-skilled ABLE
Show-__ (big boasters) OFFS
Narrative story TALE
Reader of a laptop manual USER
Number in a record book STAT
Informal refusal NOPE
“All kidding __ . . .” ASIDE
Discuss again and again REHASH
Duchesses and barons NOBLES
That group’s THEIR
Carmaker of the Accord HONDA
Adjust, as an alarm clock RESET
Valuable quality ASSET
Wild guess STAB
Woodwind instrument OBOE
School near Beverly Hills: Abbr. UCLA
Pigsty cry OINK
Prefix meaning “opposed to” ANTI
Adolescent TEEN
Physicians: Abbr. DRS
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