NetWord Crossword Answers April 18, 2024

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MLB semifinal NLCS
Be a braggart CROW
None too pleased UPSET
Isle seen by Captain Cook OAHU
Panther cousin PUMA
India’s Washington NEHRU
With 64-Across, “For all!” EVERYONES
Evince annoyance GROAN
Breakfast beverage LATTE
Hot mess SNAFU
Wield USE
Org. with many volunteer attorneys ACLU
Sounded none too pleased BLEATED
Kitchen cleaner brand OXY
Be none too pleased with HATE
Critic’s voice in Ratatouille OTOOLE
Abound TEEM
Patron of the arts DONOR
Dart about FLIT
Take into military service INDUCT
__ mater ALMA
ATM input AMT
Franc fraction CENTIME
Play to __ (have no winner) ATIE
Mimicking ALA
Premature disclosures LEAKS
Loan details TERMS
Orion’s brightest star RIGEL
See 17-Across GOTTADOIT
Japanese-born maestro OZAWA
Encouraging words OLES
“Fiery” saint ELMO
Rubbery material LATEX
What Frost calls his woods DARK
What Frost calls his woods DEEP


Tinsel season song NOEL
Hot rock LAVA
President Arthur nickname CHET
Extra charge of a sort SURTAX
Certain three-striper CPO
Approaches in haste RUNSUPTO
Symbolic warning OMEN
Sushi bar flavoring WASABI
Soothing substance UNGUENT
By order of PER
Loud call SHOUT
Rub away ERASE
Ignored, with “out” TUNED
None-too-pleased interjection YECCH
Auto accessory FLOORMAT
Span before completion LEADTIME
Starting ASOF
Polite denial NOTI
Farm team OXEN
Gazed at EYED
Traditional break hour TENAM
Avon alternative OLAY
Wedding wheels LIMO
Rebuke from the Bard ETTU
Designer dog, to the AKC MUTT
Shrub with olivelike fruit OLEASTER
“Simmer down” portmanteau CHILLAX
Name related to Hannah ANITA
Neptune, e.g. SEAGOD
What some rolls are SEEDED
Tinsel season song CAROL
Diction student of fiction ELIZA
Bedevil NAGAT
Nut with caffeine KOLA
Play persona ROLE
Play charades MIME
Remote button STOP
Candidate for fleecing EWE
No-vowel “Naughty!” TSK
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