USA Today Crossword Answers April 18, 2024

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Author: by Sam Brody


Experts PROS
Seasonal Golden Arches sandwich MCRIB
“This too shall ___” PASS
Sign on again REUP
“Schitt’s Creek” actress Catherine OHARA
Creative spark IDEA
“Fool That I Am” singer James ETTA
Skirts shorter than midis MINIS
Casual convo CHAT
Greeting that conveys confidence FIRMHANDSHAKE
Wipe clean ERASE
“So interesting!” OOH
Rope at a rodeo LASSO
Stimpy’s cartoon pal REN
Six-pack muscles ABS
More deliciously scandalous JUICIER
Student’s stat GPA
Really enjoy DIG
“Voulez-vous couchez ___ moi?” AVEC
Alternative to live bait FISHINGLURE
Starting from ASOF
Actress ___ Cruz Kayne ANA
South Bend’s state (Abbr.) IND
Tiki bar cocktails MAITAIS
Language in the film “Lake Windfall” ASL
Reddit Q&A AMA
Traffic cone PYLON
Nocturnal bird OWL
Speck of land in the ocean ISLET
Requirement for a black-tie event FORMALATTIRE
Yin’s counterpart YANG
Infuriate ANGER
Randall Park’s alma mater UCLA
Anna’s sister in “Frozen” ELSA
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Blurbs on book jackets BIOS
Attempt STAB
Rabbits’ longer-eared relatives HARES
Completely fill SATE


Like better PREFER
End a career RETIRE
Defeated in a cross-country race OUTRAN
Pesters with emails SPAMS
_useum _f _odern _rt MOMA
Business-casual pants CHINOS
Total stranger RANDO
Lively dance sometimes performed on Saint Patrick’s Day IRISHJIG
Lively party BASH
Magician’s instruction PICKACARD
Sticky stuff ADHESIVE
Word before “salt” or “serpent” SEA
Took a load off SAT
Lots and lots HEAPS
Actress Tatyana ALI
“___ ya later!” SEE
“Lord of the Rings” monster ORC
Religion for someone celebrating Ridvan BAHAI
Citrus fruits sometimes more kindly described as “uniq” UGLIS
Asset for a public speaker GIFTOFGAB
Genetic molecule DNA
Thwart, like an evil plot FOIL
___ Cookies (bakery chain that’s open late at night) INSOMNIA
Like a menorah’s candles before sunset UNLIT
Volume-boosting device AMP
“Needless to ___ . . .” SAY
“Feliz ___ novo!” ANO
Keys with 16 Grammy wins ALICIA
Red wine grape MERLOT
Relaxed ATEASE
Make a bet WAGER
Leftover parts of tickets STUBS
Too hasty RASH
Greek war god ARES
“No doubt!” YES
Key next to the space bar ALT
Code-cracking org. NSA
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