NetWord Crossword Answers April 19, 2024

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Author: by Winston Emmons


Rival of Mars NESTLE
Footwear from Down Under UGGS
RN setups IVS
Meg’s Sleepless director NORA
Government loan company, informally MAE
School sports supporters BOOSTERCLUB
Space Camp’s st. ALA
Young creeper TOT
Unintelligible jargon BAFFLEGAB
Self-powered vehicle BIKE
Have an inclination TIP
Not inclined AVERSE
Inasmuch as SINCE
Zin, for instance RED
Embedded INLAID
Keeps a date with SEES
Den mother’s concern BEARCUB
Paid whistle blowers REFS
Midwestern capital TOPEKA
Sox city CHI
Sharply stinging ACRID
Dutch illusional artist ESCHER
Word on the South American capitals list BUENOS
Comprises HAS
Are missing LACK
Well-executed work BANGUPJOB
MD specialty ENT
Fluorine compound suffix IDE
Mormon sacred text portion BOOKOFJACOB
Pig thief of rhyme TOM
Gravity-powered vehicle LUGE
Idolize REVERE
Texted regret SRY
Site for craft sellers ETSY
Port founded by Catherine the Great ODESSA


Penpoint NIB
Showing much feeling EMOTIVE
Made uneasy SPOOKED
Tea company employee TASTER
Luminous LIT
Heir homophone ERE
Twist open UNCAP
Tour sport GOLF
Ferret cousins SABLES
Envision IMAGINE
Window treatment VALANCE
Naval construction battalion SEABEES
Driving-home reward RBI
Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Exclude BAR
Moral precept TENET
Close relative SIB
South Asian LAO
Klee contemporary ARP
Water cooler ICE
High nobles DUKES
UCLA awards BAS
Fictional Peter and Roger RABBITS
Galapagos owner ECUADOR
Not the perfect pal FRENEMY
Do numbers SING
Probability CHANCES
Plays the bully HECTORS
Irritate IRK
What might earn an 18-Down DOUBLE
Split open CLEAVE
Oilcan accessory SPOUT
Obviously contrived HOKEY
Blood-typing system ABO
Easy runs JOGS
Back towards “to” FRO
West Wing prez JED
Homophone of the “before and after” theme BEA
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