USA Today Crossword Answers April 19, 2024

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Author: by Dena R. Witkes


Drug that’s “dropped” ACID
Web address URL
Sound heard before saying “Gesundheit!” ACHOO
___ training (tips on how to interact with the press) MEDIA
“Gosh!” GEE
Doll with furry, up-combed hair TROLL
“Embrace me, please” INEEDAHUG
___ quo STATUS
Classroom temp SUB
Number of lines on a musical staff FIVE
Committed companion LIFEPARTNER
Japanese “finger pressure” technique SHIATSU
Tempeh protein SOY
“What a shame” PITY
Mah-jongg pieces TILES
Put two and two together ADD
Copacetic way to end an argument AGREETODISAGREE
Like someone unlikely to initiate a conversation SHY
Multi-hyphenate Janelle MONAE
Massage therapist’s supplies OILS
Sewing kit item PIN
“Ideas worth spreading” lecture TEDTALK
Lawyer’s assignment CASE
Glimpse SEE
“There’s a ___ to my madness” METHOD
___-fartsy ARTSY
“Slow your roll!” EASYTHERE
Fancy cake TORTE
Winter bug FLU
Temptress of Greek mythology SIREN
Brownstone porch STOOP
Snoopy NOSY


French friends AMIS
Value of a penny CENT
Brainchild IDEA
Food plan DIET
“Groan!” UGH
Get some more mileage out of REUSE
Advantage LEGUP
Off-roading 4×4 ATV
“C’mon, I’ll give you a ride!” HOPIN
Martini garnish OLIVE
Like Taylor Swift’s album “Lover” vis-a-vis “Midnights” OLDER
Grown-up ADULT
Sale caveat ASIS
First, second, third and home BASES
Japanese-style bed FUTON
Montgomery bus boycott icon Parks ROSA
Relaxing retreats SPAS
Stoned HIGH
“Just doing my best” ITRY
Yes vote AYE
NAACP co-founder ___ B. Wells IDA
Not be straight with LIETO
Diva’s solo ARIA
Big name in computers DELL
Surface for doing work or homework DESK
Radiate EMIT
The Thai language has five TONES
Understood GOT
“Voila!” PRESTO
TV award that Zendaya has two of EMMY
The 411 DEETS
Improvises like Ella Fitzgerald SCATS
Seer’s deck TAROT
The Jetsons’ dog ASTRO
Structures made of coral or sunken ships REEFS
Gets well HEALS
Opposite of thick THIN
Person who saves the day HERO
Metal deposits ORES
Say “Nope, it wasn’t me!” DENY
“Uh-huh” YEP
Connecticut WNBA team SUN
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