NetWord Crossword Answers April 26, 2022

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Author: by Billie Truitt


Seeks damages from SUES
Arms and legs LIMBS
Whole bunch (of) SLEW
Merely ONLY
Feeling furious IRATE
Flying-related prefix AERO
Actor Alda ALAN
Business tycoon MOGUL
Knitter’s material YARN
By-itself breakfast counter KITCHENISLAND
Luau instrument UKE
Letter before tee ESS
Least satisfactory WORST
Accelerator or brake PEDAL
White gemstone OPAL
Winning tic-tac-toe line OOO
Annual fact-filled book ALMANAC
Strip of wood SLAT
Footwear worn with pajamas BEDROOMSLIPPERS
At the summit of ATOP
One driving too fast SPEEDER
Unhappy SAD
Attention-getting sound PSST
Where Damascus is capital SYRIA
Marry on the run ELOPE
Lion or leopard CAT
Greeting card holder: Abbr. ENV
Weight checker near a tub BATHROOMSCALE
Twirl around SPIN
Simple school class EASYA
Z __ “zebra” ASIN
Sassy PERT
Paper factories MILLS
Ballad or anthem SONG
“No ifs, __ or buts!” ANDS
Sneaky tactics PLOYS
Bendable leg part KNEE


Absorb, as water SOAKUP
Different from UNLIKE
Overjoyed ELATED
In __ (well-coordinated) SYNC
Green citrus fruits LIMES
Presses, as a shirt IRONS
Nativity scene trio MAGI
A/C measures BTUS
Get cash for SELL
Refuse a request SAYNO
Part for a star LEADROLE
Make a goof ERR
Triumphed WON
Phone call greeting HELLO
Leather-piercing tool AWL
Fly high SOAR
Little kids TOTS
Interest group for seniors AARP
First phase ONSET
Nearly colorless PALE
Corrosive chemical ACID
Tree trunk growth MOSS
Sound-boosting boxes AMPS
Agile SPRY
Air Force outpost BASE
And others: Abbr. ETAL
Extinct flightless feathered animal DODOBIRD
Nuisances PESTS
Household dog or hamster PET
Waiting at the bank, say INLINE
Get even for AVENGE
Trousers PANTS
With pretended shyness COYLY
Collect in quantity AMASS
Rope fiber HEMP
Banister RAIL
Norway’s capital OSLO
Wine barrel CASK
Resort with hot springs SPA
Ballpoint, e.g. PEN
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