NetWord Crossword Answers January 27, 2023

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Author: by Chris Gross


Card brand CITI
Typical Azerbaijani SHIA
Office routing no. EXT
Frustration exclamation OHMAN
Describe as TERM
Conquest for Caesar GAUL
Cape north of San Francisco POINTREYES
Fee for all ANTE
Pollster’s no. PCT
It’s not part of SOS OUR
Currently TODATE
Be boisterous ROAR
Hardest human tissue ENAMEL
French noble DUC
Tuscan island ELBA
Wine for cocktails VERMOUTH
Edible rock SALT
Cast aside ABANDON
Village high point STEEPLE
Quilt’s fabric strips SASHING
Sled race participants DOGTEAM
Wind with keys OBOE
“San Diego” anagram DIAGNOSE
Biblical conjunction LEST
What a ring lacks END
Spice mix for meat DRYRUB
Stalactite creator DRIP
Steffi Graf’s spouse AGASSI
Read Across America sponsor NEA
Where many keep their money IRA
What Minifigures are made with LEGO
Cuddly companions TEDDYBEARS
Move effortlessly SAIL
Order from a menu HAVE
“The Devil and Daniel Webster” author BENET
Drapery support ROD
Guy on California’s quarter MUIR
Backup introducer ELSE


“Mousse” flavor CHOCOLAT
Worthy of emulation IMITABLE
Color like buff TAN
Really loving INTO
By-the-book STERN
“I object!” HEY
Red state IRE
Heineken’s headquarters AMSTERDAM
Dr. Watson exclamation EGAD
Idyllic place XANADU
Reproachful remark TUTTUT
Subject to tyranny OPPRESS
Parasite LEECH
Weep over RUE
“Stand and Deliver” star OLMOS
For all to see RATEDG
#5 baby girl’s name for 2021 AVA
Smart outfit MENSA
Not progressing ONHOLD
Problem-solving procedure ALGORITHM
Nickname like Liz BETSY
Where to find frogs PONDS
Two-country contingent IBERIANS
Firm rejection NOSIRREE
Overlook or overcome GETPAST
Ending like -ist EER
Buyouts, for instance DEALS
Ready to drive INGEAR
Slow pace ADAGIO
Submerged UNDER
Pop superstar, for short BEY
Dealt in SOLD
French cleric ABBE
Word on some Chanel bottles EAU
506, to Cicero DVI
Exotic leather EEL
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