Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 29, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Aim Goal
Keats poems Odes
Pointed weapon Spear
Operatic melody Aria
Totals Sums
Throw Heave
Arrange grounds artistically Landscape
Fiery felony Arson
Key near the space bar Alt
Narrative Tale
Customer Client
Conflict War
Staggers Reels
Serious Sober
Carbonated beverage Soda
Farm worker Hand
Small bay Inlet
Get up Arise
Barnyard sound Moo
Knitting rods Needles
Nervous strain Tension
Cooking fuel Gas
Come afterward Ensue
Lariat Lasso
Other Else
Look after Tend
Map detail Inset
____ Gras (Fat Tuesday) Mardi
Wide street (abbr.) Ave
Religious dissent Heresy
Earth’s center Core
Large primate Ape
Ward off Avert
Proposed as a candidate Nominated
Tint Tinge
Soft cheese Brie
Love to excess Dote
Church leader Elder
Picnic nuisances Ants
Unseal Open


Festive event Gala
Spoken Oral
Isn’t, slangily Aint
Boy Lad
Academy Award Oscar
Twofold Dual
Monarch Emperor
NNW’s opposite Sse
Will Shall
Expire Perish
Relieve Ease
English river Avon
Monthly expense Rent
Frighten Startle
Stop Cease
Dandelion, for one Weed
Rewrote Edited
Burn slightly Singe
Shaquille ____ Oneal
Sanctify Bless
Talked back Sassed
Wrong Amiss
Hangman’s loop Noose
“____ disturb” (2 wds.) Donot
Perk up Enliven
Way in Entry
Of sound mind Sane
Horse with a horn Unicorn
Become visible Emerge
Autumn bloom Aster
Zodiac sign Aries
Despise Hate
Malicious Evil
Tear apart Rend
Pass over Omit
Over Atop
Baseball’s ____ Rose Pete
Genesis garden Eden
Lakers’ league (abbr.) Nba
Fuss Ado
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