NetWord Crossword Answers January 28, 2023

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Author: by Steve Mossberg


Skewered then served ALABROCHE
“I need speed” ASAP
Walk of Style locale RODEODRIVE
Quick declination UHNO
Sizable print makers GREATDANES
Hardly a hot spot DIVE
Application before many Asian weddings HENNA
Cousin of -palooza FEST
Winged mud-prober IBIS
A lot of trivia STATS
Doing what’s dignified NOBLY
People taking seats INS
Beginning to fade EFF
Toon bearded brawny bully BLUTO
Capital on the Persian Gulf DOHA
Iniquity EVIL
Set one’s sights AIMED
Swamp thing PEAT
Ceramist’s glazing process SALTFIRING
“Keep Commerce Human” site ETSY
Yorkshire’s largest city LEEDS
It’s left NET
Spelling example HEX
Far from certain LEERY
Sound of the city SIREN
Propeller of a spinning wheel AXLE
Tierra en el mar ISLA
Car charger TURBO
Place for pipes and pumps BOILERROOM
“Any time” alternative MYPLEASURE
Old-school encouragement RAHS
Omission of conjunctions in prose ASYNDETON


Sound like “Grrr!” ARGH
Time-honored backstories LORE
Mideast capital-in-exile ADEN
High-fiber food BEANS
Share a task ROTATE
Without a match ODD
42 Across alternatives CRAFTFAIRS
Name on Perfectly Moist mixes HINES
Deadline lead-ins EVES
Record replacement AUDIOTAPE
Password, from the Bible SHIBBOLETH
Striking location ANVIL
Versifications POESY
Ultimate ending EST
Far from stout AFRAID
Order follower NUN
Middle of Martius and Maius IDES
Series with a 2022 “Saving Venice” episode NOVA
Part of the Boston Celtics logo SHILLELAGH
How foxgloves flower BIENNIALLY
One put up LODGER
Best of friends ALTEREGOS
“Say no more” TMI
Dial down EASE
Course in mythology STYX
“. . . Kimmy Schmidt” cocreator FEY
Toes on a cuckoo’s foot TETRAD
One shining at rock concerts LASER
Player paid by the day EXTRA
Berth places SLIPS
Take in bit by bit NURSE
Big name in storage units IBM
What Brits call some 4-Down SOYA
Blow away ROUT
Brooklyn, briefly BORO
Prefiguring OMEN
Suffix meaning “imitation” EEN
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