Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 30, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Actor Richard ____ Gere
Look for Seek
Distributed cards Dealt
Bloodhound’s clue Odor
Baking need Oven
Enrage Anger
Lima or pinto Bean
Infamous emperor Nero
Golf stroke Drive
Uncertain Indefinite
Bullring shouts Oles
____ of humor Sense
Brawls Melees
Pale color Pastel
____ and void Null
Expert Ace
Cowboy’s tool Lasso
Iron or lead Metal
Taverns Inns
Make cloth Weave
Urgent Dire
Hinder Deter
Stockpile Amass
So-so grade Cee
Iron oxide Rust
____ Salad Caesar
Skill Talent
Will Shall
Sign Omen
Satisfactory Acceptable
Wanderer Nomad
Luau entertainment Hula
Captured Took
Wear down Erode
Asleep Abed
A Great Lake Erie
Modernize Renew
Window glass Pane
Lions’ lairs Dens


Asian desert Gobi
Genesis location Eden
Highway Road
Author ____ Hemingway Ernest
Daughter’s husband (hyph.) Soninlaw
Levels Evens
Uncanny Eerie
Rope fastening Knot
Father Dad
Registered Enrolled
Limber Agile
Embankment Levee
Lock of hair Tress
Sense Feel
Outback bird Emu
Graceful tree Elm
Compensated Paid
Common skin problem Acne
Exported Sent
Flaring star Nova
Bench Seat
Uncle ____ Sam
Spasms Tics
Realm Area
Ogle Leer
Love song Serenade
Prank Escapade
Sprint Run
Pepper’s partner Salt
Amtrak terminal (abbr.) Sta
Overjoyed Elated
Copier’s need Toner
Love, in Rome Amore
Yellow fruit Lemon
Diving gear Scuba
Actress ____ Hayes Helen
Fellow Chap
Tedious person Bore
Cut of beef Loin
Makes do Ekes
Dawn dampness Dew
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