NetWord Crossword Answers January 29, 2023

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Author: by Mark McClain


Vaccine inoculations JABS
Either Apple founder STEVE
Raucous fight MELEE
Band’s booking GIG
Author Wiesel ELIE
Get dinner delivered EATIN
Popped up AROSE
Wax-covered cheese EDAM
Federal funding for local projects BLOCKGRANT
Establishments near Interstates TRUCKSTOPS
Occasionally ATTIMES
Clicked on a row of stars RATED
Desert havens OASES
Heedless speed HASTE
Went speedily RACED
Foolish DAFT
Delight greatly ENCHANT
Disappointed look POUT
2016 Olympics city RIO
Felonious robbery GRANDTHEFT
Unlimited funds BLANKCHECK
San ___ (Italian Riviera city) REMO
Energy bar morsel OAT
Sci-fi beings ALIENS
Bassoon cousin OBOE
“Let me give you a hand” ICANHELP
Lacking the tools UNABLE
Put up with STAND
Praline morsel NUT
Put to work USE
Prize for 18 Across NOBEL
Come out even TIE
Workshop holemaker DRILLPRESS
They flew on pirate ships BLACKFLAGS
Actor McKellen IAN
French toast word VOTRE
Deteriorate ROT
Title like “Mme.” SRA
Worshiped ones IDOLS
Higher-ranking SENIOR
Added gratis TOSSEDIN
Wine tour region NAPA
“No fighting!” BENICE
Debtor’s note IOU
Ingot shaper MOLD
Henhouse chitchat CLUCKCLUCK
Completely motionless STOCKSTILL
__ Holiness the Pope HIS
Ottawa-based force: Abbr. RCMP
Made of clay EARTHEN
Shuttle agency NASA
Topped with froth FOAMY
Raring to go EAGER
Type of pear ANJOU
Los Angeles’ San __ Bay PEDRO
Scold gently REPROVE
Source of pheromones SCENTGLAND
Alpine coin SWISSFRANC
What some veggie chips are made of KALE
Fractions of a pound PENCE
“We __ please” AIMTO
Blissful locale EDEN
Elev. ALT
Daisy relative ASTER
Dutch master Jan STEEN
Stitched together SEWN


Brother of George W. JEB
Koran’s Creator ALLAH
Flora + fauna BIOTA
Splinter groups SECTS
Deli scale button TARE
LAX postings ETAS
Auto’s ID VIN
One in a contest ENTRANT
Unshiny photo finish MATTE
Dropped the ball ERRED
Garishly colorful LOUD
PC exit key ESC
Cartoon scream EEK
Annoy no end GETAT
Chapel vows IDOS
Stare in amazement GAPE
Writers’ submissions: Abbr. MSS
Falsified, as a check KITED
What “certain” starts with SOFTC
Successful legislation ACT
Whitewater craft RAFT
Shakespeare contemporary DONNE
Puffin cousins AUKS
Angry state CHOLER
Whole lot HEAP
Spanish seafood dish PAELLA
McEntire of music REBA
Clickable image ICON
Went along with OKED
Arduous task GRIND
Happen again RECUR
Stradivari’s teacher AMATI
RenĂ©’s refusal NON
Idle talk BLABBER
Defamatory writing LIBEL
High-rise lodging HOTEL
“I’ll take that as __!” ANO
Storytelling dances HULAS
“SportsCenter” airer ESPN
Free, as a jammed window UNSTICK
Searches (through) SIFTS
Certain bout enders TKOS
Shade of purple LILAC
Stabilize EVENUP
Of audible waves SONIC
Hunker down CROUCH
“Me too!” ASDOI
Outdoor cooker GRILL
IRA offerer SANDL
Fish eggs ROE
Rainfall measure INCH
Spanish surrealist DALI
Musical work OPUS
Film about Dr. King’s march SELMA
Tugboat sound TOOT
FD employee EMT
Loops in via email BCCS
Modest response to praise ITRY
Hot dog topper KRAUT
South Asian turnovers SAMOSAS
Perseveres KEEPSON
Wolf (down) SNARF
Aural organ EAR
Trio tripled NONET
Field separator FENCE
More peculiar ODDER
’90s Second Family GORES
Get out of EVADE
Freshen up RENEW
Pose a riddle ASK
March Madness org. NCAA
Solidify JELL
Huff and puff PANT
“__ of the Ancient Mariner” RIME
Where “el sol” rises ESTE
School transcript no. GPA
French article LES
Comical skill WIT
24/7 TV news pioneer CNN
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