NetWord Crossword Answers June 09, 2024

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Author: by Gary M. Larson


Walk wearily PLOD
Bit of info DATUM
Speed-checking beam RADAR
Work to be done TASK
Waikiki’s isle OAHU
In the know AWARE
“You win” ILOSE
San Juan, Puerto __ RICO
Search an area [South Central] LOOKAROUND
Loyal employee guy [Northeast] COMPANYMAN
Eve’s second son ABEL
Ham it up EMOTE
Big name in small planes CESSNA
Hapless victim SUCKER
Swing wildly FLAIL
“You called?” WHAT
Not touched, as a boxer UNHIT
Low in humidity DRY
More droopy SAGGIER
Strike heavily RAM
Tops with frosting ICES
Delicious dishes VIANDS
Crew team tools OARS
“So long” TATA
Haul to a garage TOW
ExxonMobil, Chevron, etc. [Midwest] OILINDUSTRY
Consumer advocate Ralph NADER
Nevada city ELY
Employed USED
Test, as ore ASSAY
Re offspring FILIAL
Cul-de-__ SAC
Computer trials, for short SIMS
Wild story YARN
Piano piece TOCCATA
Noted parent of eight newborns OCTOMOM
Oscar role for Tom FORREST
Carly who headed HP FIORINA
Teacup defect CHIP
__ Valley (Reagan Library city) SIMI
GI uniforms ODS
Country singer Trace ADKINS
Short film clip SCENE
Many Wall St. hires MBAS
Good name, for short REP
Film set’s __ light KLIEG
Jaws poster depiction [Midwest] SHARKSMOUTH
Hollywood trickery, briefly CGI
Big shoes to fill EEES
French singer Edith PIAF
Ceiling support beams JOISTS
Deserve to get EARN
Orthodontist’s designation DDS
Paris’ Folies __ BERGERE
Falsehood LIE
Highly assertive TYPEA
Viva __ (orally) VOCE
Community character ETHOS
Truck fuel DIESEL
El Al’s headquarters ISRAEL
The things here THESE
Pie-cooling spot SILL
Fuel for ranges [Southeast] NATURALGAS
Alternate puzzle title STATELINES
Stunt jumper Knievel EVEL
Divider of Paris SEINE
Port __ cheese SALUT
Fairway shout FORE
Gusto ZEST
Parlor pieces SOFAS
Blissful settings EDENS
Onset of melting THAW


Debate participant POL
Philosopher __-Tzu LAO
Taunting shout OHO
Bush opponent in ’88 DUKAKIS
Risk-taking person DARER
USAF no-show AWOL
Frat letter TAU
Tea vessel URN
Ancient Greek sorceress MEDEA
Swiss cough drop brand RICOLA
Very much ALOT
Rounded roof DOME
Nile serpent ASP
Arrives at REACHES
Secret meeting TRYST
Objectives AIMS
Read rapidly SCAN
Hawaiian coffee region KONA
Assist in wrongdoing ABET
At hand NEAR
Certain beauty pageant winner MISSUSA
Sets of furniture SUITES
7 Up nickname UNCOLA
Fig Newtons, e.g. [Mountain West] CHEWYCOOKIES
“Unfortunately, uh-huh” FRAIDSO
“Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer LYNN
Lean and strong WIRY
Tough choice DILEMMA
Flunked GOTANF
It’s southeast of Chicago GARY
Cooling system toppers [West] RADIATORCAPS
Really annoyed ATEAT
Ivana’s successor MARLA
Psychics may see them VISIONS
6/6/44 DDAY
Soft minerals TALCS
Forcing to leave OUSTING
Latvia, once: Abbr. SSR
Pleasant enough NICEISH
Page arrangements FORMATS
Elaborate recognition TRIBUTE
Shouts out CRIES
Starbucks competitor MCCAFE
Slow assimilation OSMOSIS
Falsified FAKED
Did nothing IDLED
That windjammer HER
Some printers INKJETS
Mexican money PESO
Latitude measure DEGREE
Of the backbone SPINAL
Thick carpeting SHAG
Horse’s father SIRE
Venus de __ MILO
HS gym course PECLASS
Elective lid procedure EYELIFT
Dutch South African BOER
__ Pieces REESES
Cash drawer TILL
Gymnastics jump VAULT
Steppenwolf author HESSE
Meal plans DIETS
Agnes, in Spanish INEZ
Keep for later SAVE
GPS suggestions RTES
End-of-week initialism TGIF
Tennis great Mandlikova HANA
Flabbergast STUN
Zodiac feline LEO
Tiny bit TAD
“Pale” brew ALE
Japanese musical drama NOH
Historic time ERA
Do stitchery SEW
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