USA Today Crossword Answers June 09, 2024

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Author: by Aidan Deshong


Common MIT Sloan degree MBA
Muscle movement SPASM
Steamed bun in a Pixar short BAO
___ bark and no bite ALL
iPad, e.g. TABLET
Strong odor MUSK
Sephora competitor ULTA
Part of the head SCALP
Guy who’s super close with his mother MAMASBOY
On the horizon AHEAD
“. . . chi, ___, omega” PSI
___ Cadabby (Muppet with a rhyming name) ABBY
Overly self-satisfied SMUG
Desktop images ICONS
Uramaki seaweed NORI
Mojama fish TUNA
Activist Chadwick SARAH
Stuff on the surface of sandpaper GRIT
Go slaloming SKI
Oscar-winning film editor Jennifer LAME
Meat in Qabeli palaw LAMB
Religious offshoot SECT
Performed in “& Juliet” ACTED
“Keep Commerce Human” site ETSY
Famous ___ cookies AMOS
Game with rooks CHESS
Consumed EATEN
Actor/playwright Aldridge IRA
Like some Druids PAGAN
Tool for changing a flat TIREIRON
Great review RAVE
Rock band’s booster AMP
Purple flowers in a Monet painting IRISES
One of five in a great review STAR
Digit in a boot TOE
One quarter = 25 ___ CENTS
Toymaker such as Buddy ELF


Apple computers MACS
Voting group BLOC
___ mater ALMA
“I’m Not Well” comedian Tolev STEPH
Attracted to people of all genders, for short PAN
Muscles worked in a forearm plank ABS
Annual NBA competition SLAMDUNKCONTEST
Instagram’s parent company META
Tulip-to-be BULB
Regarding ASTO
“Sure” OKAY
Short-term employee TEMP
Party game with seats MUSICALCHAIRS
Flea market disclaimer ASIS
Guinness World Records suffix EST
“I want to hear a joke!” AMUSEME
It can be measured with a protractor ANGLE
“___ Subsequent Moviefilm” (2020 mockumentary) BORAT
Parts of fedoras BRIMS
Horses’ paces GAITS
Deliver a speech ORATE
Household ___ (well-known celebrities) NAMES
Loses fur SHEDS
Used a bench SAT
“One chain by one furlong” land measure ACRE
Playful prank ANTIC
Aggravates IRKS
H.S. exam used to determine National Merit Scholars PSAT
Snowballs, water balloons, etc. AMMO
Stare slack-jawed GAPE
Decorates, like a cupcake ICES
Evaluate numerically RATE
Tlacoyo’s shape OVAL
Foam dart blaster brand NERF
“Who do you think you ___? I am!” ARE
“A Fold in the Field” artist Maya LIN
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