NetWord Crossword Answers June 11, 2024

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Author: by Billie Truitt


__ toast (thin, crisp bread) MELBA
Show-__ (big boasters) OFFS
Nest egg accts. IRAS
Coral reef island ATOLL
Bagpiper’s skirt KILT
Alaskan port city NOME
Artificial ship shortcut CANAL
Indistinct image BLUR
Compose an email TYPE
Tilted path off an interstate HIGHWAYEXITRAMP
Spanish cheer OLE
Sandwich bread RYE
Place to swim at a hotel POOL
Baseball great DiMaggio JOE
Garment behind a superhero’s back CAPE
Halves of qts. PTS
Chef’s cover-up garment APRON
Brief memo NOTE
Worm on a fishhook BAIT
Tilted park ride for kids PLAYGROUNDSLIDE
Person in charge BOSS
Money in Spain and France EURO
Person who doesn’t mingle LONER
Fuel additive letters STP
Woman with a niece AUNT
Animal doc VET
42-gal. oil measures BBLS
Meet with SEE
African 48-Down ASP
Pisa’s tilted attraction THELEANINGTOWER
Very uncommon RARE
__ Raton, FL BOCA
Very silly INANE
Makes a mistake ERRS
Onionlike soup ingredient LEEK
The ancient Vikings NORSE
Pianist’s targets KEYS
Otherwise ELSE
Color of limes GREEN


Ultra-manly MACHO
Online commerce ETAIL
Vowel sound in “easy” LONGE
Uninteresting, informally BLAH
Completely incorrect ALLWRONG
“Sure, farewell” OKBYE
Manicurist’s tool FILE
State of constant change FLUX
Removed paint from STRIPPED
Opening speech INTRO
Huge hassle ROYALPAIN
Digital clock toggle switch AMPM
Trickle slowly SEEP
Sailor’s “yes” AYE
Tip of a shoe TOE
Great pleasures JOYS
Tennis venue COURT
__ cost (free) ATNO
Ocean’s rise and fall TIDE
Suffix for young or prank STER
Police dept. alerts APBS
Evil scheme PLOT
Small red fruit RASPBERRY
Person, place, or thing NOUN
Ink stain BLOT
Not for one time only REUSABLE
Raining in icy pellets SLEETING
Pub beverage ALE
Really relax, with “out” VEG
“God __ America” BLESS
Slithering reptile SNAKE
In the know AWARE
Taste, hearing, or sight SENSE
Fuss at a mirror PREEN
Tiring journey TREK
Rabbit’s cousin HARE
Christmas song NOEL
Puts frosting on ICES
__ about (roughly) ONOR
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