USA Today Crossword Answers June 11, 2024

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Author: by Agnes Davidson %26 Zhouqin Burnikel


Seal row muscle, for short LAT
Unquestioned doctrine DOGMA
The “B” of MB or GB BYTE
Batard’s shape OVAL
Not as prevalent RARER
Weaving machine LOOM
Imaginary place where unpleasant information is sent to be forgotten MEMORYHOLE
Coin with a common side and a national side EURO
Wipe from the whiteboard ERASE
Troop entertainment grp. USO
Offended HURT
Bit of land in the ocean ISLET
Snooty person SNOB
It holds kernels COB
Formerly known as NEE
“That’s horrible!” UGH
Empty, pretentious talk HOTAIR
VitaCraves multivitamin brand ONEADAY
“In addition . . .” ALSO
Have a noticeable impact on a situation MOVETHENEEDLE
Foal’s mama MARE
Summer footwear SANDALS
“Purple Rain” singer PRINCE
“___’s an icon, ___’s a legend, and ___ is the moment” SHE
Like sashimi and ceviche RAW
Jazz band’s booking GIG
Engrave using acid ETCH
Vacuuming or dusting, e.g. CHORE
Spanish for “boy” NINO
___ Angeles Public Library LOS
Private instructor TUTOR
Window part PANE
2017 biopic about a poker empire MOLLYSGAME
Garments that might have hooks BRAS
Like a self-funded movie INDIE
Obsessive fan STAN
Miso ingredient SALT
Labs run them TESTS
Suffix meaning “most” EST


Chinese noodle dish LOMEIN
Risk-___ (reluctant to gamble) AVERSE
Street food often filled with recado rojo TAMALE
Unlike a rainforest DRY
Iolani Palace island OAHU
“That’s revolting!” GROSS
Sarda or cantaloupe MELON
“What ___ the chances?” ARE
Veal cordon ___ BLEU
“Any decision is OK with me” YOURCALL
Reptile with a shell TORTOISE
Hot Milk genre EMO
Go down in defeat LOSE
Adjust the pitch of again RETUNE
“Last Week Tonight” channel HBO
“Now I remember!” OHYEAH
“Dude!” BRO
Racing command before “Go!” GETSET
“Very funny!” HAHA
Teeny amounts TADS
Roasting appliance OVEN
Grizzly’s lair DEN
“No ifs, ___ or buts” ANDS
Common tomato sauce MARINARA
Innovative ORIGINAL
Puts in office ELECTS
_iles _er _allon MPG
Carol Tome, for UPS CEO
Spin around ROTATE
Pleasing smells AROMAS
“You ___ joking!” WERENT
Exact duplicate CLONE
Places for cargo HOLDS
Embraces HUGS
Where a baby bird sleeps NEST
Narrow cut SLIT
“We’ll Meet Again” channel PBS
School near Harvard MIT
“Of course!” YES
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