NetWord Crossword Answers March 31, 2024

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Below are Netword March 31, 2024 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.

Author: by Gary M. Larson, edited by Stanley Newman


Rested the feet SAT
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
Particle with protons ATOM
Quaint complaint PSHAW
Elec. utility measure KWH
Decorative fabric border FRINGE
Enjoy fine food DINE
. . . Looking-Glass lass ALICE
Aural organ EAR
Display a full range RUNTHEGAMUT
Terse denial NOTME
Least populous state WYOMING
Matures AGES
Spoke highly of TOUTED
Strolls through a stream WADES
2024 Olympics city PARIS
Cradle support of rhyme BOUGH
Princess toppers TIARAS
Okra concoction GUMBO
Black cats PANTHERS
Mistake, so to speak OOPSY
Brief note MEMO
Domesticated TAME
Retail outlet SHOP
Valley where David fought Goliath ELAH
Evince surprise BATANEYELASH
“__ dreaming?” AMI
Cookie container JAR
Makes a 40 Across ERRS
Port of Poland GDANSK
Where the Nile ends EGYPT
Medicinal remedy ANTIDOTE
A pair of TWO
Actor Epps OMAR
Karate Kid mentor MIYAGI
General on a Chinese menu TSO
__ Lanka SRI
Declared frankly AVOWED
Hair holders GELS
How to play the kazoo HUM
Yahtzee, for instance DICEGAME
Steam or fog VAPOR
Pursues CHASES
IRS experts CPAS
ICU worker LPN
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Outshine all, surprisingly STEALTHESHOW
Analogous AKIN
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Apropos of INRE
French kings ROIS
Tackle again RETRY
Increased quickly ROCKETED
Informal advantage LEGUP
Woodworking machines LATHES
Luau dances HULAS
Mailroom stamp DATER
Chili con __ CARNE
Access via phone DIALIN
Brass component ZINC
Rely on much USEALOT
Still to be served UNFED
__ manner of speaking INA
Pay the IRS paperlessly EFILE
Pot starter ANTE
Acting rashly ONTILT
Schlepped TOTED
Most August babies LEOS
Limited-choice question YESNO
Business card no. EXT


Distort, as data SKEW
On the road AWAY
Host festivities THROWAPARTY
Trims, as branches PRUNES
Olympic logo RINGS
Bank acct. yield INT
Sound of discomfort UGH
Pay a call on SEE
Slow tempo ADAGIO
Sprinter’s numbers TIMES
Heavy burden ONUS
Encountered MET
End successfully PANOUT
Discards, with “off” SLOUGHS
Retire to bed HITTHEHAY
Mountaintop ACME
Dandelion or crabgrass WEED
“TGI” occasion FRIDAY
Things to wear GARB
Wetland MARSH
Tightens up TONES
Mountain lion PUMA
In the company of AMONG
Capital of Mali BAMAKO
Sock lint on a foot TOEJAM
Honolulu’s __ Palace IOLANI
Prepare GETSET
Roo and Pooh, for instance PALS
Easy victory ROMP
Roasting rod SPIT
Emporium MART
Vocal range TENOR
Cook on a grill BROIL
DC summer hrs. EDT
Swerves en route YAWS
Flings with force HEAVES
Lawn-trimming tools EDGERS
Pirate beverage GROG
Othello fellow IAGO
Big-beaked bird MACAW
Oil-bearing rock SHALE
Banish OUST
Pet-finding device IDCHIP
Johnny Cash biopic WALKTHELINE
A Khan’s concern EMPIRE
IHOP alternative DENNYS
Movie clips SCENES
“Big deal” MEH
Swerve en route VEER
Vocal range ALTO
Rant and rave PITCHAFIT
Arduous HARD
Woolen fabric SERGE
Colossus TITAN
Tart-tasting SOUR
Prudential rival AETNA
99 Across accompaniment UKULELE
Most elusive RAREST
Omitted orally ELIDED
Ren Faire weapons LANCES
Ingrain deeply ETCH
Leslie, in Hungary LASZLO
“Likewise” DITTO
Bring up to speed CUEIN
57 Across performers DUET
Helpful facts INFO
Big name in Western fiction ZANE
Cameo stone ONYX
Social finesse TACT
Southern __ (western school) CAL
What milk may be made from SOY
A single ONE
St. Helens and Everest MTS
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