USA Today Crossword Answers March 31, 2024

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Author: by Rachel Fabi


Low-voiced singer BASS
William Tell or Robin Hood ARCHER
Letters often spelled in Morse code SOS
Voting contingent BLOC
Stick together COHERE
Artist and musician Yoko ONO
Breakfast containers that may contain decoder rings CEREALBOXES
“Wicked” director Jon CHU
As planned ONCUE
Diagnostic imaging procedure CTSCAN
Uninterested BORED
Big success HIT
Nail polish brand with the color “Como se Llama?” OPI
“Booknotes” channel CSPAN
Football units YARDS
Ballerina’s skirt TUTU
More delicious TASTIER
Golden rodent often kept as a pet SYRIANHAMSTER
Prepare to exercise, perhaps STRETCH
Plant in some sunburn treatments ALOE
Barely-better-than-average grade CPLUS
Betray RATON
Part of a web address DOT
Vulnerable body part for Achilles HEEL
“___ me with a spoon!” GAG
Molecule components ATOMS
Elaborately decorated ORNATE
Not intoxicated SOBER
Fix the outcome of RIG
Food and drink website with the “Food Lab” column SERIOUSEATS
Letters after an approximation EST
Houston baseball team ASTROS
Thick Japanese noodle UDON
“Don’t be so loud!” SHH
Feel salty about RESENT
Place to go swimming POOL


“Call the Midwife” network BBC
Quaff at a pub ALE
Greek group of “sisters” SORORITY
Part of an act SCENE
Org. that defends individual rights ACLU
Part of an RBG costume ROBE
John who played Lt. Sulu in the Kelvin timeline CHO
Curse HEX
Put up ERECT
Have a nap REST
Trinity Rodman’s sport SOCCER
Readily available ONHAND
“Hells Bells” band ACDC
Rival of Athens SPARTA
Automated customer service agent BOT
Magnum ___ OPUS
Unbroken INTACT
Orion part STAR
Chain originally called “St. Louis Bread Company” PANERA
Affirmative answer YES
“The Little Mermaid” villain URSULA
Texter’s “If you ask me . . .” IMHO
“___ no big deal” ITS
Mythical city of gold ELDORADO
Space ROOM
Creatures from space (Abbr.) ETS
Items on a home to-do list CHORES
Duration LENGTH
Snags NABS
Birds in a flying V GEESE
Put into position TEEUP
Bygone Russian ruler TSAR
Shortly SOON
Remove from power OUST
“___ are not endorsements” RTS
Anger IRE
As well TOO
Punkie Johnson’s show, for short SNL
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