NetWord Crossword Answers May 14, 2024

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Author: by Billie Truitt


Slightly open, as a door AJAR
Rides the waves SURFS
Roundish hairstyle AFRO
Folk knowledge LORE
Start of an exercise motto with “lose” USEIT
Wasn’t truthful LIED
“Not guilty,” for example PLEA
Easter costume with long ears BUNNY
“Pay __ mind” (“Ignore that”) ITNO
TIE ending a chess game STALEMATE
Playful river mammal OTTER
End of a kite TAIL
Soaks in a tub BATHES
Accompany on a trip ESCORT
Ladybug, for instance BEETLE
Taking not much time SHORT
Prod with one finger POKE
Flows back, as the tide EBBS
Implement with ink PEN
Woman with an inheritance HEIRESS
Written promise to pay IOU
“Billionth” prefix for second NANO
Neckline shapes VEES
Cantaloupe or honeydew MELON
Walks inside ENTERS
Kingdoms REALMS
Battle zone SECTOR
Shaker seasoning SALT
Wyoming’s Grand __ peak TETON
SUIT filed in court COMPLAINT
Diva’s solo ARIA
Holland’s floral symbol TULIP
Wines and dines WOOS
Life stories, briefly BIOS
Ohio or Oregon STATE
At the summit of ATOP
Mailed out SENT
Typed (in) KEYED
Talks and talks YAKS


Swiss peaks ALPS
Sudden bump JOLT
Square footage AREA
Home-selling pro REALTOR
Hand in SUBMIT
Habitual USUAL
Landlord’s income RENT
Parking ticket penalty FINE
Enclosure for pigs STY
Slightly ALITTLE
SUIT something perfectly FITTHEBILL
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Strong scents ODORS
Our planet EARTH
Cheerios grain OAT
Spelling contests BEES
NFL and NBA channel ESPN
__ butter (lotion ingredient) SHEA
TIE of a relationship CONNECTION
Tiresome people BORES
__ out a living (barely gets by) EKES
Ship’s dock PIER
Explosion sound BOOM
Solar system centers SUNS
At any time EVER
Detect, as an aroma SMELL
Served within browned bread ONTOAST
Heavy weight TON
Knocked sharply RAPPED
Wild guesses STABS
Spine-tingling EERIE
Strike down, in the Bible SMITE
Adorable CUTE
Cosmetics brand that sounds like a cheer OLAY
Tiny bit IOTA
Secluded corner NOOK
Sugar amts. TSPS
Sound of scolding TSK
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