USA Today Crossword Answers May 14, 2024

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Author: by Dennis Nullet


Loud noise DIN
Bog material PEAT
Word that aptly bookends “satisfies” SATES
Poems of admiration ODES
Texter’s “The way I look at it . . .” IMHO
Love triangle, e.g. TROPE
Best Buy’s group of technicians GEEKSQUAD
Room just below a roof ATTIC
French “Farewell!” ADIEU
Dances energetically BOOGIES
“By ___ means!” ALL
Vietnamese Lunar New Year TET
Nike competitor REEBOK
Chin dimple CLEFT
___ mater ALMA
Activist Deer ADA
Disinfectant spray brand LYSOL
Waves down, like a taxi HAILS
“Let’s ___ down to business / To defeat the Huns” GET
Place to get help with a glitchy Mac GENIUSBAR
Co-___ (alternatives to condos) OPS
Mails out SENDS
Gently elbow NUDGE
Yunah Lee solo ARIA
What yeast makes dough do RISE
John ___ tractors DEERE
Faked, like a signature FORGED
River barrier DAM
Giedroyc who co-hosted “The Great British Bake Off” MEL
Made happy PLEASED
Quiche Lorraine meat BACON
They orbit planets MOONS
Founder of Sikhism GURUNANAK
Out of the way ASIDE
Pesky bug GNAT
Ocean movement TIDE
Kidney-related RENAL
Makes stitches SEWS
Look over quickly SCAN


Kishu or Rottweiler, e.g. DOG
“In a perfect world . . .” IDEALLY
Knitting tools NEEDLES
Arouse, like curiosity PIQUE
Large Australian bird EMU
Character who pursues Moby Dick AHAB
Checklist heading TODO
Platform for a musical STAGE
Name that rhymes with “hearty” ARTIE
It might hold groceries or swag TOTEBAG
Installment of “Atlanta” or “Tuca & Bertie” EPISODE
Part of a min. SEC
Compete like Sabrina Simader SKI
Resolves, like a dispute SETTLES
Dental care brand ORALB
Knee part, for short ACL
Hummus ingredient TAHINI
Kit ___ bar KAT
Bay Area haze FOG
Praises LAUDS
Failed to hit MISSED
Mythical character who makes people sleepy SANDMAN
Brainy people NERDS
Regret RUE
Clumsy person OAF
“I’d like to ___ a toast” PROPOSE
“Top” cut of beef SIRLOIN
Like a devil DEMONIC
Island country home to Grand Etang Lake GRENADA
Snaky fish EEL
List of topics for a meeting AGENDA
Stand for artwork EASEL
Touches borders with ABUTS
Katsudon ingredients EGGS
Desert mound DUNE
Khao Manees, tabbies, etc. CATS
World Wildlife Day mo. MAR
Like kinilaw and sashimi RAW
Barbie’s beau KEN
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