NetWord Crossword Answers May 15, 2024

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Author: by Steve Faiella


Fireplace residues ASHES
Mideast leader EMIR
Taxi CAB
__ Arabia (Mideast nation) SAUDI
Greet the day ARISE
Impress greatly AWE
Wasn’t feeling well AILED
Dug for gold MINED
__ for the course (about average) PAR
Proof of a flight payment PLANETICKET
Before, in poems ERE
Prof.’s helpers TAS
Desirable feature ASSET
Wasn’t fooled by SAWTHROUGH
Houston baseballer ASTRO
__ Majesty the King HIS
Purina rival ALPO
Sandal or moccasin SHOE
Fashion sense STYLE
Batch of laundry LOAD
Hung onto KEPT
Strive (for) AIM
Earl or baron NOBLE
Stress strongly HAMMERHOME
“Low-power” coffee DECAF
Granola tidbit OAT
Historical period ERA
“Be truthful” LEVELWITHME
Tavern BAR
Higher than ABOVE
Sound from an old wood floor CREAK
It’s n. of Mexico USA
Husbands or wives MATES
Bizarre and scary EERIE
Obtain GET
Centers of hurricanes EYES
Watermelon throwaways SEEDS


“Now!” in a memo ASAP
Leave port in a ship SAIL
Luau dance HULA
Biblical garden EDEN
Audiotape’s second half SIDETWO
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Ermine relative MINK
Words of understanding ISEE
Sale item label REDTAG
Behind-the-back garments CAPES
In the know AWARE
Flat French hat BERET
Pennsylvania Dutch group AMISH
Body art, informally TAT
Hebrew greeting SHALOM
Cease STOP
Soul singer Franklin ARETHA
What “easy” and “breezy” do RHYME
Liquid for frying OIL
Find a purpose for USE
Inquire ASK
“Steady as __ goes” SHE
Tip of an ear LOBE
Chum PAL
Poem of praise ODE
America’s uncle SAM
A Christmas Carol boy TIM
Catches sight of NOTICES
On fire AFLAME
Performer’s portrayals ROLES
Hem and __ (be indecisive) HAW
Fix, as software DEBUG
Remove pencil marks ERASE
Jeweler’s measure CARAT
Online auction site EBAY
Cast a ballot VOTE
Nights before holidays EVES
Oak or elm TREE
“__ we go again!” HERE
Cleaner of hotel rooms MAID
__ out a living (scrapes by) EKES
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