USA Today Crossword Answers May 15, 2024

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Author: by Amanda Rafkin


“Ha! My prank worked!” GOTYA
“What’s My ___ Again?” (Blink-182 song) AGE
Have faith in TRUST
Felt sore ACHED
Person in a habit NUN
Sharpened HONED
Popular video game platform STEAM
Clothing label TAG
Helpers AIDES
Fast-food chain with square sliders WHITECASTLE
“Would you like a cup ___ cone?” ORA
Buttload TON
Device that might say “Turn right at . . .” GPS
Baseball stat RBI
Opposing vote NAY
Stopover for weary travelers INN
“It’s the end of an ___” ERA
2-Down, in a date TEN
Prefix for “Pen” EPI
Gossip TEA
Dallas NBA player, for short MAV
“Finishing the ___” (Sondheim song) HAT
Nada NIL
Organ in a socket EYE
Make a Freudian slip, say ERR
Fish also known as wahoo ONO
“Kapow!” BAM
“Consider This” network NPR
“In the Heights” director John CHU
As well TOO
“The Mirror in Which Two ___ Seen as One” (Adrienne Rich poem) ARE
Nickname for Ms. Swift TAY
“Yikes!” EEK
Actress Long NIA
Bone in a “cage” RIB
“This is unpleasant” UGH
Like someone from Buenos Aires ARGENTINIAN
“Can you please explain that just one more time?” ISTILLDONTGETIT
Paprika or cinnamon SPICE
“Which came first: the chicken or the ___?” EGG
“Fame” singer Cara IRENE
Despises HATES
Dorm supervisors RAS
“Use the ___, Luke” FORCE


Makeup of four planets in our solar system GAS
World Animal Day mo. OCT
“From my perspective . . .” THEWAYILOOKATIT
“Totally” YEAH
“Just fess up already!” ADMITIT
“Feeler” ANTENNA
Taco add-on that might cost extra GUAC
They might be exchanged after mutual proposals ENGAGEMENTRINGS
“Can’t even come close to promising anything” THATSAVERYBIGIF
Disturb ROIL
“Get what I’m saying?” SEE
Six-pt. football scores TDS
Firm up, like muscles TONE
Graffiti artist’s medium SPRAYPAINT
Not varied ONENOTE
Soccer legend Megan RAPINOE
Strong embrace BEARHUG
“Honestly . . .” INTRUTH
Rigid bracelets BANGLES
Disney mermaid played by Halle Bailey ARIEL
Roam around aimlessly MEANDER
Grain sometimes used to dry out a cellphone RICE
Caesar wrap TOGA
Prefix for “space” AERO
Kinda-sorta ISH
Place to get pampered SPA
Abbr. in a company name INC
Shirt with a band logo, maybe TEE
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