NetWord Crossword Answers October 23, 2023

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Author: by Doug Peterson


BBs, for an air rifle AMMO
Church benches PEWS
Back-of-book alphabetical listing INDEX
Intend (to) MEAN
Overcast sky’s color GRAY
Easily deceived NAIVE
“Picture” souvenirs that are mailed POSTCARDS
Highest digits in sudoku NINES
Horse-stopping shout WHOA
Person who alters clothes TAILOR
“Single” prefix for cycle UNI
Philadelphia’s state, for short PENN
Souvenirs that stick to a metal door FRIDGEMAGNETS
Lifesaving technique: Abbr. CPR
Shed a __ (weep) TEAR
Four-door car SEDAN
Resounding victory ROUT
Despise ABHOR
Singer Turner or comedian Fey TINA
Criminal’s false name ALIAS
All over again ANEW
Small amount of sugar: Abbr. TSP
Souvenirs that pry off caps BOTTLEOPENERS
Colored part of the eye IRIS
Make a knot TIE
Container for an apple-filled dessert PIEPAN
College transcript numbers: Abbr. GPAS
End-of-sportscast summary RECAP
Souvenirs that hold door inserts KEYCHAINS
Stood up AROSE
Smooth out EVEN
Revered celebrity IDOL
Piano technician TUNER
University official with a “list” DEAN
Wet with dawn moisture DEWY


Band’s sound-boosting box AMP
Cat’s cry MEOW
Crush, as potatoes MASH
Traveling, as a rock band ONTOUR
Group for expert putters: Abbr. PGA
Make a blunder ERR
Big bundle of dollars WAD
Methodical procedure SYSTEM
Baseball game divisions INNINGS
Hammer’s target NAIL
T. Rex, for short DINO
Hardly __ (rarely) EVER
Crosses (out) XES
“Hush up!” CANIT
Get __ (do great on a test) ANA
Creative thought IDEA
Apricot or papaya FRUIT
Chatter on and on GAB
Tennis court barrier NET
Polishes for publication EDITS
Light brown shades TANS
Break like a twig SNAP
Lobster relative CRAB
Team sport on horseback POLO
Body art, informally TAT
Smallest digit in sudoku ONE
Payment to a landlord RENT
After-bath footwear SLIPPER
Measure with a scale WEIGH
Historical period ERA
Grunted like a pig OINKED
Settled a debt REPAID
Lima’s country PERU
Computer symbol to click on ICON
Make simpler EASE
Office assistant AIDE
Blizzard stuff SNOW
Long-tailed rodent RAT
Adam and __ EVE
Vote like “aye” YEA
Atlanta-based news channel CNN
Cunning SLY
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