Canadiana Crossword Answers October 23, 2023

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Swedish rockers ABBA
Vessel VAT
Bull_______ RUSH
Cow _____ SLIP
Identity EGO
Jai ____ ALAI
And the rest ETAL
Romanow or Rogers ROY
In, in Iberville DANS
Categorize ASSORT
Hay mow items SLINGS
Roman 1002 MII
You and I US
Skunk ______ CABBAGE
African country GHANA
Exploit USE
Neighbour of Mich. ONT
Tombstone letters RIP
Sow ______ THISTLE
PM preceder AM
Pitching stat ERA
Wolf ______ WILLOW
Went to the plate BATTED
Organic compound ENOL
Compass pt ESE
Derby, e.g. RACE
Boundary EDGE
Hosp. pressure points ERS
Ventilated AIRY
I finisher DOT
Above zero PLUS


Not ashore ASEA
Time honoured sandwiches BLTS
Prejudice BIAS
Composure APLOMB
Dizziness VERTIGO
Back when AGO
Trifles TOYS
Horse _____ RADISH
Mounted soldier ULAN
Told all SANG
Snake sound HISS
Coastal feature RIA
Tote LUG
Severed CUT
Bat wood ASH
Communal effort BEE
Tolkien tree people ENT
Carr creations ART
Nothing NIL
Mime APE
______ is yet to come THEBEST
Croquet item MALLET
Civil defence org. EMO
Deadly sin IRA
Persian ruler SATRAP
China preceder INDO
Records LOGS
Pig _____ WEED
Cat ______ TAIL
Beige ECRU
Tunisian rulers DEYS
Theatre acronym SRO
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