NetWord Crossword Clue Answers September 02, 2018

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Author: by Gail Grabowski, edited by Stanley Newman

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Netword Crossword Answers, Sunday, September 02, 2018

”Honest” prez
Votes to accept
Visibly embarrassed
Bogus offers
Originate (from)
Commencement bestowal
Administrative branch
Site for nuptials
Riding sport’s accessories
State fair structures
Make __ of (jot down)
Sleuth, for short
Parks it
”Gin” game
Rather recent
Pine product in varnish
Software test version
Sprouting ”pet” plant
Bishop’s jurisdiction
Trade shows, for short
Purina sister brand
What Brits call ”tissues”
Shapiro of ”All Things Considered”
Of early infancy
Water near the Eiffel Tower
Rugged rock formation
Hide-hair connector
Iceberg alternative
Slight advantage
Mail-routing abbr.
Invite for
Heart chamber
Doesn’t allow
Jamaican export
Paintings of a person
Auction grouping
Group of environmental regulations
Sad feeling
Storage rentals
Asian cuisine
Elementary learning
Sushi wrap
”That’s wonderful!”
Diary securer
Coffee lightener
Start slowly
Ending like -arian
’50s female fashions
Labor leader Chavez
Salvation Army donation holders
Blood bank supply
Unconvincing, as excuses
Cool and calm
Compose tweets, say
Natural balm
Part of USNA
War-games weapons
Pair ”around” eight of the puzzle’s answers
Well-behaved kid
Educational support org.
Nicaraguan leader
Galileo Airport city
Poke fun at
Matching grouping
Lariat loops
Make amends
Email symbol
Org. encouraging flossing
Shoulder muscle, for short
One who stares
Come before
Vietnamese holiday
Legislative meeting
Highly attentive
Notable periods
License-issuing org.
Pays tribute to
Story’s high point
Molecule part
Many SAT takers
Wing measurement
Screen door material
Ancient Andeans
Aware of, informally
”Dear __ or Madam . . .”
A meaning of ”ĂȘtre”
Page of a TripTik
Sporting sword
Lose traction
Room dividers
Speak at length
Omens, for instance
”Frozen” princess
Most born in August
Slow-cooker servings
Student of Socrates
Appetite stimulant
Body of rules
Second-quality, as mdse.
Trivial complaints
Milanese money
Bell-shaped bloom
Zebra’s mother
Slip away from
Nest egg letters
Air traffic controller’s workplace
Workout wear
Moral principle
Action film staple
Baylor University city
Needing repair
Relinquish formally
Soup seasoning
Twisty letters
DC subway
Certain tablet downloads
Talk nonsense
Think about overnight
Barrel to tap
Likely will
Flare-bottomed dresses
Tear apart
”Little Women” sister
Be of use
Buttonlike flower
”Frozen” queen
Latvia’s capital
Initial chip thrown in
Would-be atty.’s exam
Hourly pay
Light touch
Spanish gold
__ in ”November”
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